They are witnessing on my block

by Es 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Es

    Yeah i have a video cam....unfortunately i have missed out on the chance to use its been more than two hours since ive seen them so i think they have gone home. Which is a bit of a bummer was working out how i was going to approach it.


  • Stephanus
    You should play a nice game of "Poo Dollar". Take a dollar bill and smear dog (or whatever you have on hand) poo on one side of it. Place the dollar on the sidewalk, poo side down, where you can see it from your house. Crack open a cold beer and enjoy the site of watching the JWs pick the bill up and relish in their revulsion as realized they've been poo'd. Good times.

    Kind of an expensive prank, down here. The lowest denomination bill is a $5.

  • jwfacts

    I was witnessing once, waiting at someones door and an apostate was driving past. They stopped there car, came up to the front door and started to talk to me. Then the householder answered. I was about 16 and had no idea what to do, so I apologised to the householder and fled.

    Maybe you could try that, though it would take balls guts.

  • greendawn

    Let's hope no one will get caught up in their nets and finally end up being out and shunned after realising that the JWS are not what they appear to be. People should be warned.

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