They are witnessing on my block

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  • Es

    Its like 35degrees outside i drive down by street and see a bunch of JW's witnessing. So im sure to get a visit today. Although now of them would know me im in a new area.


  • Dune

    It gets down to 35 degrees in Australia?

    Anyway, when its that cold, they usually try to do telephone witnessing, my brother and i do return visits which is actually a return to our house.

  • Es

    as in hot 35 degrees hot here

  • Gretchen956

    Es, do let us know how this turned out, did you get a witness in??


  • Quotes

    Uh, Dune? Your are joking, right? :)

    In case you were serious... Australia is on the other side of the planet. Right now they are in late summer. And I'm pretty sure that Australia, like most of the world (USA excepted) are using Celsius, not Farenheit.

    35C is very hot (let's see... 35 *9/5 + 32 = 95degrees Farenheit) Whew!


  • Celia

    35 degrees Celsius, is hot !

    Lucky you ! It's 10 below zero here.... Or close to it. And I am soooo tired of winter!

  • Es

    hehe we are officially into autum now and its still bloody hot here


  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    You should play a nice game of "Poo Dollar". Take a dollar bill and smear dog (or whatever you have on hand) poo on one side of it. Place the dollar on the sidewalk, poo side down, where you can see it from your house. Crack open a cold beer and enjoy the site of watching the JWs pick the bill up and relish in their revulsion as realized they've been poo'd. Good times.


  • Es

    LOL heheh great trick.

    I think either they did my side of the block while i was out or i have been lucky they have prob quit for lunch


  • inbyathread

    Es Do you have a video camera? It would be wonderful to see how they react to a camera in their face. Afterall they are to have an answer for the faith that they have. I'm sure there is a scripture that points to that somewhere.

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