Do you look better or worse

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  • pratt1

    The other day I was looking at some old photos of my wife as a young witless teen. Several of the pictures were taking at assemblies and gatherings/weddings.

    What amazed me is that she looks better today than she did as a witless teen or early twenties. I don't mean just the expression on her face, but also the way she was dressed. She looked like a unhappy girl dressed like an old lady.

    I then looked at some photos of myself, I didn't look much better - I just didn't look very happy, completely different from the way we look today.

    What do you see when you look at old pictures of your self? Does it resemble the person you are today?

  • Dune

    My brother coined the term "Cauldron Crew" for the witness girls that wore "Old Lady" clothes and basically dressed very conservatively.

    I remember going to a meeting with this one girl and never really noticing her, but the year she started high school and i saw her in the hallways i was like this .

  • Fleur

    The biggest change in me is in my eyes, I'm told. One of my sisters (who has drifted away from the org but never formally left) told me that it was amazing when she saw this picture of me from after I first left and was beginning my new life...she said "Look at your eyes in this picture, they're smiling. Somebody is definitely home in there." I looked at older pictures and was shocked how dead my eyes were, even if my lips were 'smiling'.

    A lot of my relatives have that scary look in pictures that that Runaway Bride chick did when they showed her pictures in the news. Scary, scary stuff.


    ~glad to be 'home' in my own head now, and it shows!

    p.s. I think that is the most unsettling thing for JW's I've run into since my departure...I think they expect me to look like a crack w**re. When they see me looking healthy and *gasp* happy, it rattles them to the core. Because I've been out so long, and they all expected that I'd have "gone back by now"...

  • leftbelow

    I looked like crap of course I still look like crap only now I have brief moments of real happiness

  • Ellie

    I look similar although a lot bigger, I looked my best at 21.

  • GetBusyLiving

    I look happier and healthier in the photo's I've seen of myself, post DA'ing from that mind-f*ck of a cult. I was pretty much always drunk in my Witness pictures, with a totally lost and lonely gaze that creeps me out the bone.


  • ferret

    My wife and I have been out for over 25 years now. Just the other day a mutual friend was asked by a dub, do you think they are truly happy. Our friend told them that we have never been happier, and it is true.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I looked tired and sad in my jw pics. I think that the longer I was in, the more mesmerized I looked.

  • greendawn

    Better of course, since in the JW days I felt oppressed and let down and I looked that way.

  • G Money
    G Money

    As the fade went, the better I looked. Different haircut, better clothes and more gym time. More time to spend on me! I´m a sexy biatch now like all of you!

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