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  • insearchoftruth

    Glad to have you here tweetybird, there is such a wealth of information available here, and you will also make some good friends, even if only the online kind!!!

  • Snoozy

    Where did Tweety Bird go????????????????????????????????????/

    Snoozy Q

  • Poodles

    Welcome Tweety, pull up a chair and stay as long as you like!!

  • ButtLight

    Welcome to the board tweety, nice to have you here!

  • Brigid


    A warm and hearty welcome to you. Now, tell us more about yourself!

    We're waiting to get better acquainted.

    Love and Light,


  • tweetybird193

    To all of you here. I want to say Thank You for a great welcome to your board. I was surprised when I finally figured out how to work this chat. I'm one that has no knowledge of computers but leave it all to hubby. Green, you ask if the Witchtower gave us a fit when we left the org, and yes they did. It was he**.. I was treated as if I has something evil and they would stay away from me in the stores. I finally had enough and gathered friends and went to Stores where the Witt. stand and pass out their Witchtower crap, and passed out my own Bible mag. to prove the Witchtower a lie. I also had help from a friend here, we chatted on another site and his nic is Quido.. He taught me how to stand up for myself and research the NWT to prove the lies. I still keep all their books for research in helping others get out of the Witchtower. I come here and read and love it. I even pick up the new Witchtowers and Awakes at doctors office and hospital. A few Doctors save them for me and I pick into each one. This is what I learn from quido. It was easy for my hubby to leave when I showed him the cult pctures in some of the books we have. He was more mad then hurt because they had lied to him as well as him feeking stupid allowing it to happen. As my mom would say when I was growing up, [we live and learn.]

    Thank you al for the warm Welcome.. tweetybird193

  • tweetybird193


    Thank you for the welcome. My hubby and I we're in the org. for 10 years and took almost 2 years to get them off our backs. they tried everything to get us to return. they went so far as to call my hubby on his cell phone and talk with him to get a study going with one of the elders. They even had the nerve to come to our back sliding door and knock to get us tro answer. Hubby was in recliner with just socks and underware on as I was fixing breakfast when they knocked on the glass sliding door. The funny part is that our dog ran over and open the curtian and they saw hubby kicking back in recliner. I never saw him move so fast. hehe I started study in 1991 with a JW friend and what a mistake.. I then drag in hubby. I look back and ask myself, how could I let this happen. I started questioning the Elders over their WT and I and was always in the dog house. I finally went on line and went to a JW room. They tossed me out when I asked them questions so I had hubby get me to a X JW room on msn. There is where I was given many sites to read . You talk about getting angry. The anger is no longer with me and I still try to get the JWs out of the WT org. When I get them out of the org. they give me all their books and I pass them around the world for others to read to help get JWs out of the org. and to see the lies the org. is putting into their heads. I hope all of you here keep up the good work and I will try to post a few things I have found just in the 2006 WT and Awakes. By the way, I hope it rains cats and dogs Wed. the 12th of April when the witt. have their memorial.. tweetybird193

  • Cellist


    LOL That was a funny story. Although I know it would've been aggravating at the time. It took 2 years for them to leave us alone, too.


  • Tez

    Welcome Tweetiebird and Suzie, look forward to hearing more from both of you!!

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