Cheap Looking Bibles

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  • annalice

    I have not been to a kingdom Hall for several years now. Just the other day my inlaws sent my husband a new watchtower society bible . It has the cheapest plastic cover I have ever seen. Have they done away with the leather bound bibles? This one is so cheap I'm embaressed to show it to anyone. Not that I have much use anymore to show a bible to anyone. But anyway what is happening to the societies books ?are they lacking in funds to make nice books anymore?

  • Dismembered

    They ran out of green vinyl & pigskin


  • Nosferatu

    They're cutting back on cost. I haven't seen the new NWT bibles, but I hear they're cheap. Could you provide a scan? I'd love to see one.

    I used to take pride in the nice looking JW literature, especially my bible. I wouldn't take pride in the new paperback literature. Looks like the crap you find on the "Free" shelf at the local thrift store.


    Yes they just released that soft-cover bible a short time ago. Obviously to cut costs and this is why they cut the awake down to one issue per month now. I find it comical that they actually tried to pass that one off as "More Emphasis on the Bible" even had a whole service meeting part for it.

  • truthsetsonefree

    Those Bibles are cheap looking. Amazing that they would go cheap on THEIR MAIN TEXTBOOK. I guess nothing is off limits to them. And that Awake, not much different from any other Awake. Certainly no greater emphasis on the Bible.

  • Elsewhere

    You get what you pay for!

  • greendawn

    It's all part of the corporation's cost cutting measures that were recently announced by the board of directors. Now the cheap quality cover matches the quality of the translation itself which is widely regarded as being grossly in error.

  • 95stormfront

    The cheap quality in the coverings of their litter-ature make a great companion to the garbage within.

  • willyloman
    Amazing that they would go cheap on THEIR MAIN TEXTBOOK.

    Taht's because the bible is NOT their main textbook. You don't them them f#&@ing around with the Watchtower, do you?

  • Gregor

    I remember when we would get new releases at the summer conventions. We would line up like natives to get our pretty baubles. Usually some wild color with gold embossed lettering. The gold would fade to a dull brown by the time the next book came out.

    And what about those awkward titles, "Life everlasting in freedom of the sons of God". Catchy, huh? Didn't exactly roll off the tongue.

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