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  • LDH

    There was a JW sister (husband not JW) that had teenage sons our age. After we all had left the JWs, and became friends years later , they told us they got a lot of mileage out of laughing at us (my sister and I ) in our "Laura Ingalls clothing". We did not have much of any choice in what we wore at any time in our JW life.

    Now I wear Land's End logo stuff for work mostly. People always look twice at me, I am pretty tall (almost 6 feet). Last week I had on a pair of brown stiletto boots and the guys that drive my daughter's high school band truck said, "WHAT IN SAM HELL do you need to wear those things for? You were tall enough without them." It was funny.

    I do remember wearing way too high of heels at all of the ASSemblies. Walk in those damn heels on concrete all day, Jesus, your feet hurt.

  • Billygoat

    As a child, I look back and cringe when I remember the frocks and muumuus I had to wear. Then again that might have also been the fact that we were all victims of the 80's. All those puffy sleeves and princess waistlines. Ugh! It really was when I was starting to exit that my clothes finally had some taste to them. Occasionally I'll see a picture of what my mom or dad and brothers wear today and it just makes me cringe. My dad with those short sleeve button downs and ties with no undershirt so you see his nippies showing through. Blech. One thing I really dislike is a man wearing a dress button down without an undershirt. It's really gross to me.

  • Billygoat
    they got a lot of mileage out of laughing at us (my sister and I ) in our "Laura Ingalls clothing".

    LMAO!!!! What a perfect description!

  • Nosferatu
    they got a lot of mileage out of laughing at us (my sister and I ) in our "Laura Ingalls clothing".

    Why can I possibly picture a TV show called "Little Hall on the Prarie"?

  • startingover

    Not going to meetings means I never have to put on a tie, except maybe if someone dies.

    Damn, that feels great!

  • FlyingHighNow

    They were uncomfortable. Slips, pantyhose, very uncomfortable. Not to mention the shoes, ouch. I was petite and it was hard to find clothing, even new that fit properly. I tried shopping the petite department and still had to have things altered.

  • crazyblondeb

    I was the oldest, so my 3 younger sisters got more hand me downs than I did. I was into sewing alot back then. That's the only way I had a couple outfits that were decent.

    Since I've been back here at my JW mom for a couple weeks you wouldn't believe the amount of clothes(mostly dress up clothes), that I've made her get rid of. She could open her own "good-will store". I've hauled out 5 large trashbags of clothes, and hardly made a dent.She has a small path down the hall you can walk in. Her room is undescribable! Literally clothes on top of 2 dressers to the ceiling. She has a small area to sleep on her bed, the other part is piled SSOOOOO high!!

    When we were younger we were allowed to wear pants under our dresses till we got to the KH when it was really cold! Anyone else do that? I think about what mom and ken dressed us in and I want to BARF!!!


  • Fleur

    Laura Ingalls, I wish! when I was a teen I saw a bbc made movie of Jane Eyre...and I actually used her as a role model! *thud*

    I think I was trying not to look like a girl. I was getting attention from guys at work that I didn't know how to handle but all the guys at the hall ignored me so I figured, what the hey. I might as well be plain Jane!

    soooooooo embarassing LOL

  • Fleur

    Oh, nylons! There's a term for you. In fact I actually bought the first pair I've worn in a couple years this week (due to the circumstances of the weekend, per my thread in the private forum) and I can't imagine putting them on. They make my physical pain more intense, squeezing everything the way they do. I know the moment we get out I'll be tearing them off in the car!

  • MsMcDucket

    I hated being dressed up. My mother would dress me up in those silly looking Shirley Temple looking slips. I called them "can-can" slips. You know, the kinds that you see the women wear in western movies. Those slips itched like chiggers! And to make it worse we had to sit still. As most of you know, I wasn't raised a Jehovah's Witness.

    Anyway, I hated being dressed up. It made me feel uncomfortable. Then I became a dub. Oh! Sh*t! Had to start wearing dresses and slips again! I can't explain how horrible this was! When I'd go to the Kingdom Halls, I would be sitting there having panic attacks in those stupid dresses! Trying to sit like a lady! Don't move around so much! Don't go to the bathroom so much! Be still and pay attention! Keep the children quiet! Don't sneeze so loud! It was like being in hell!

    I hate being dressed up to this day!

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