Meeting Clothes

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  • Thegoodgirl

    Yes, we had the worst hand-me downs too. Patterned skirts, paired with a solid colored button-down or semi-decent t-shirt, that hopefully wasn't too faded. Nylons and flat plain colored shoes to top it off. Like you said, most didn't fit, and were faded.

    But I do miss dressing up a little bit. I haven't worn a skirt in ages!

  • greendawn

    I dressed up decently but not too formally, I never liked wearing ties. Most JW women at the KH dressed up very nicely, though not provocatively, because most of them were well off.

  • hamsterbait

    Suits and ties and bow ties are part and parcel of my work. It means I don't have to change before the evening meeting ( when I go).

    Forgot to shave recently and got it in the neck from Darth Elder that I was disrespectful. If God hates my beard why make it?

    But the Toddlers here criticize men who did shave but are very blue on the chin. OH, THE LOVE.

    HB (of the "Have a beard" class)

  • collegegirl21

    Its not so much the meeting clothes for me. Its the fact that I have to put on stockings with meeting clothes. Most of my summerwear I could just wear sandals and stuff, but no when I go to the meetings I have to put on stockings (and I hate that stuff, especially in the winter).

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