Tarot anyone?

by Brigid 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • Legolas

    Thanks Brigid!

  • daystar

    What deck will you be using? Waite-Rider? BOTA? Toth?!


  • Legolas

    I should have asked...can anyone do this with success?

    Are the cards hard to understand..meaning that if you get one card another card could change the meaning of the first one etc...

  • daystar

    I'm skeptical myself whether anyone else can give a really accurate reading for another person. It's best to learn how to read them yourself and do your own readings, much like dream interpretation.

    The meanings of the symbolism differs by culture, nation, region, spirital compass and as well on the individual level.

    However, if you can't read for yourself I suppose it's better than nothing. Just understand that there will be a higher level of error, also dependant upon the skill of the person providing the reading.


  • Brigid

    I have several decks and use whatever one suits me at the time. Today I have been using my Aquarian deck (it's my oldest) but I adore my good ole' Rider Waite. Thoth is a little too advanced for me. I plan to create my own someday based on kaballah, the Hebrew alphabet and astrology (don't ask me how!)

    Thanks to all who've participated in my little experiment.


  • LittleToe
    I plan to create my own someday based on kaballah, the Hebrew alphabet and astrology (don't ask me how!)

    You've got me, too. All those elements are already found in a standard deck LOL.

  • codeblue

    Count me in...I will pm ya...


  • Es

    I have pm you


  • Kudra

    I got my cards read at halloween:

    My costume that year (in part) was 2 deer antlers duct taped to my bike helmet (SO cool);

    My card draw said I was a "happy go lucky fool".

    I just got a new deck of regular playing cards and LO AND BEHOLD, the JOKER was depicted with DEER ANTLERS!

    So I carry it around in my wallet for kicks.


  • wednesday


    I sent you a pm but forgot my email addy. I sent another, but can't "see" it, the system here sometimes won't show it for a while

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