Elder's school.

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  • Dismembered

    My recollections of the 2 and only Ministerial Servants meetings I was privy to.

    1.They were excruciatingly boring.

    2.Cramped like sardines in a can.

    3.Room temperature brown-bag lunches made days earlier. (those of which we had to eat at our seats or on the floor) Wow! definitely 1st class.

    4.Then the entire price booklet for magazine & literature charges read WORD for WORD. Try staying awake through that.


  • peacefulpete
    Well I still do not think enough shepherding is done

    Just what do you mean by "sheparding"? Do you mean effective containment of dissent? Profficent coordinating of literature distribution? Sufficient humiliation of members whose natures compell them toward lifestyles or behavior counter to party line? How about consistant reminding women of "their place" ? What about youthful curiousity, desire to learn and experimentation? have the Elders adaquately suppressed it? Or are the Elders working into their parts enough reminders to financially support the WTS and local expences rather than take family vacations and raise their standard of living? Are they putting enough fear into the congregation to "beware of strangers" so as to nip apostacy in the bud? I'm sure what you mean is kind loving expressions of concern and helpfulness, however given the other agendas of an elder body, even those kind souls desiring to just be a friend to those in need have no way to give it without using some type of coercion or programming. IMO too much sheparding is done. Not enough encouragement to pursue interests and talents, not enough promotion of free interchange of ideas and discussion, not enough real traing in areas of mental health and family dynamics, not nearly enough coordination of humanitarian goals in the community. None of these things constitute "sheparding" as if people were sheep needing a master to pull or prod with a stick.

  • upside/down

    I just love how once in the inner sanctum elders school, it was like the Dub equivelent of belonging to the country club...without the club. The brothers all stood around like...WOW this is IT...I made it to the inner sanctum....What a let down.

    Then there is the whole TONE of the "school"...very condescending, and like we're the smart ones and everyone else, especially the sisters, are just these imcompetent, emotional basket cases...I HATED IT! Some bro's would try and pretend it was like the military and get all..."disciplined" on your ass.

    All I can say...it How much fun can you have with a buch of power crazed janitors in a high control cult?

    Always refering to the publishers at large as "the friends". And most brothers trying so hard to show that they really are as big a kiss ass as they'd like us to believe they are.

    I refused to "kiss the ring" on many occassion...and paid for it dearly.

    Then all the under educated janitors are equipped to go home a lord it over everyone else...and LET everyone know how all the "secret" info they got at the elders school was "off limits" to "publishers"...****taste of bile creeps into my mouth****

    I'm so glad I'm done with this shit!


  • willyloman
    I just love how once in the inner sanctum elders school, it was like the Dub equivelent of belonging to the country club...

    Well, you know, we were all princes -- identified in the bible as "glorious ones." And here we were all in one place. The holy spirit was so thick you could touch it. How often does that happen?


    (Ephesians 4:11) 11 And he gave some as apostles, some as prophets, some as evangelizers, some as shepherds and teachers,

    Stilla I agree with you that there isnt enough shepherding. However I think based on the scriptures that thier system is all wrong. Even if you accept the stupid elder arrangement, Paul didn't make a sub category for them so IMHO this verse applies to within the elder body also. Not all of them should be shepherds because some quite frankly dont have the time or suck at it. I see now why "christendom" pays their clergy.

  • Tish

    I wanted to go but I was a GIRL, so therefore did not have a brain as some elders insinuated when I was in DubLand.

    Stepford Wives is not that primative!

    Anyway I thought the idea was that the elders had a good excuse to go to the races for 2 days and get very very drunk!

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