Getting Busted w/ Love Letters

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  • Brigid


    Yes, it was the letter from the Civil War soldier. When I first saw the Ken Burns series on PBS, they used this. I fell in love, bought the series, memorized it and wrote it down, placed it in one of my journals.

    Yes, your letter reflects more of the sentiments of our generation.

    Oh well....


  • daystar

    I never got busted with love letters. Oddly enough, in my family, as the male, I never was questioned about any letters I sent or received. My sister constantly had her room searched though.

    I did send a number of them though. I was a real romantic back in the day...

  • lucky

    I was really lucky. When I was in high school, I worked for an elder in our congregation after school. His son and I had a little thing going (unbeknownst to my mom), but the elder was actually cool with it. He actually DELIVERED letters back and forth between his son and me at work, so we wouldn't have to do it and risk getting caught at the KH (we went to different schools). I remember one time when I gave him a letter to deliver he asked me if I really liked his son, because his son really liked me, and I said, "I don't know". He told me that maybe I shouldn't have written his son's name all over the envelope in tiny little letters like 500 times because maybe I was getting his hopes up too much!

    In retrospect, I guess it's not too amazing that he (the elder) got df'd for having an affair a couple years later. He definitely was the coolest elder in our congregation. My mom would have killed me if she'd ever found the letters (I had a good hiding place in my closet - even though my room regularly got searched, she never found the letters). I burned them eventually. I wish I would have kept them - they'd probably be a riot to read now.

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