Getting Busted w/ Love Letters

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  • damselfly

    Welcome 30girl!

    I remember one C.O. in particular that encouraged listening in on your childrens phone conversations, going through all of their things and reading all of their personal thoughts, diaries, etc. Funny, he didn't have any kids...

    I remember hearing stuff like too. We had one elderette in our hall who would listen in on her son's phone conversations with his girlfriend to make sure nothing inappropiate was said ( he was like 20-22 I think at the time) she "allowed" them to write back and forth but would intercept and read the letters first and then refuse to pass them along if she thought they were too racy! She was so proud of this extremely dictator-like behaviour and tried to get the other moms in the hall to start doing the same thing. Thank goodness they didn't go that far.


  • LDH

    Welcome 30girl!!!! Yep, your stories seem about right. You belong here.

    Axel, man I just re-read that and I am laughing AGAIN!!!!


  • Axelspeed

    I'm glad somebody's

    my father was listening on the other line and I was forced to call back and read her some chapters from the Youth! book, offer biblical counsel and a free home bible study.

    just noticed this...I feel for you. That sounds like pure hell! lmao. Axel

  • unclebruce

    this thread is awesome - very funny and very sad. Oh what open minded parents we had - not!

    All your stories are amazing - and in nikki's case quite disturbing - head shaking stuff - makes me see that there were parents just as bad as mine. Good thing I didn't write many love letters.

    Lisa - I loved your story of the sisterly™ bitch fight! warmly written and very funny. unclebruce

  • MissBehave

    I used to keep my stash of letters in my locker at school. Then I got very sick one time and was out for a couple weeks and my parents went to get my books so I could keep up with my assignments. I was delirous at the time so I gave them the combination to my locker without thinking. BUSTED!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    My mother was a real snoop - nothing was private. For that reason I learned at a young age not to bring anything like that home from school, and at the end of the year I just threw it all out.

    I could not keep a diary either - no matter where I tried to hide it she'd find it and read it - put bookmarks on the pages she wanted to talk about (more like yell and berate) and leave it on my bed for when I came home from school. Imagine walking in your room after school and seeing that laying on the middle of the bed - it was like my stomach dropped to the floor - I knew what was coming!

    I had to learn to internalize everything, and it was really hard to learn how to open up and communicate with my husband and friends (non JW of course - you never open up to JW "friends").


  • unclebruce

    Note to parents: Do not open private teenage mail!

    I remmember Susan was once tempted to open one of our daughters diary's but I insisted she put it back saying "you're not going to read anything good about yourself in there." .. bloody teenagers lol

  • Jim_TX

    Wow! Interesting thread. Brings back memories... not!

    When I was growing up - I KNEW better than to write anything down.

    Wasn't allowed to have 'girlfriends' in school - or JWs either, for that matter.

    Didn't date till I left home at 21. Still a JW - but most JW gals weren't interested in a nerdy type of fella like me. They seemed to like the hunky ones... or the non-JW ones... hahahahaha

    I remember one gal in High School... 11th grade... we exchanged class pics - which was allowed (weird, eh?) - and she wrote some nice words on the back of her photo. I just handed her my photo. She asked me "Aren't you going to write anything on it?" I mumbled something, and wrote my name and date on it... or something like that.

    I think that she had a crush on me... poor dear. *shaking head*


    Jim TX

  • Leolaia

    When I was a freshman in high school, I kept my own "love list" of crushes, and would update it each week as if it were like the Top 40. My biggest crush would never be unseated from the #1 position....

  • daystar


    That letter sounds like it's from around the time of the American Civil War.

    Contrast that letter with what I imagine a soldier over in the middle east may send his girl back in the states...

    Dear Margo,

    It's hot as f**k here. I can't do anything because my balls are stuck together. Don't f**k anybody.


    *nods to Greg Giraldo*

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