NO Kingdom Halls rebuilt or repaired in NOLA - 6 months after Katrina?

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  • sir82

    My mother attends a different congregation, and they recently had a "special" Saturday afternoon talk/slide show from someone who spent some time in the post-Katrina Society-organized relief effort.

    She says that this brother reported that ALL of the Kingdom Halls in New Orleans were damaged or destroyed by Katrina, and that to date, NONE of them have been repaired or rebuilt. The reason that was given was that ALL of the JWs who lived in New Orleans are living elsewhere, and the Society has little or no idea of where they are. If I remember correctly, the number of JWs there was given as 7000(?). With no JWs living there, the Society is concentrating on rebuilding homes & Kingdom Halls in other parts of Louisiana, and other states affected by the hurricanes.

    I found that really hard to believe, but who knows? Has anybody else heard anything like this?

  • Dismembered

    Finally some good new to come out of that area


  • Scully

    What an opportunity for people to "fade" who were just going through the motions and were simply going along to appease their family. Publisher Record Cards™ truly "gone with the wind". I wonder if any sensitive records (like DFing records) disappeared or got destroyed... or were recovered by non-JWs. That has the potential to be quite interesting.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    It must be driving the control freaks --locally and at Bethel -- to not be able to keep tabs on everybody.

  • rebel8

    Out of the 7000, I wonder how many took this opportunity to become inactive?

  • blondie

    I vaguely remember something being posted about a letter being read to the congregations in the area trying to track down these people. Did I dream that?

  • doinmypart

    The WTS is trying to track down these "missing" publishers. There have been letters and CO requests if a person/family from New Orleans is known to be in the area let the Disaster Relief Desk know. The POs and elders in neighboring communities/states have discussed this more than a few times.

  • sir82

    Not dreaming, there was a letter maybe 2-3 months ago, asking for displaced hurricane refugees to contact the Society.

    But I was quite shocked to hear that NONE of them have returned to New Orleans.

  • stillajwexelder

    Not dreaming, there was a letter maybe 2-3 months ago, asking for displaced hurricane refugees to contact the Society.

    It was then re-read and posted on the KH notice board

  • Bryan

    The Kingdom Hall in Kenner, about 7 miles from NOLA, seemed to have minor roof and siding damage. I has been repaired.

    I understand them not rebuilding in NOLA yet. It really is sad there, even today. I was there 10 days ago. Even in areas that are now dry and some businesses opened, there are homes with the doors wide open and no one there. And plenty sheetrock, carpet, appliances, etc. are still in the streets.


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