Scary JW Thinking About the Benefits of Bird Flu

by Severus 32 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • insearchoftruth

    But I guess I forgot an important thing, the only thought permitted is in Brooklyn.

  • metatron

    And remember, if your kids are getting rebellious, you might want to murder them now, so that you might save them

    in the resurrection!


  • TheListener

    It's funny because I've heard many witnesses say something like "well, if heaven is so great why not just kill yourself to get there and leave this awful world behind." They said that with sarcasm and a snear - you know the way someone says it when they're belittling your beliefs.

    After we left the door I replied with ((jokingly)) "well, perhaps if you kill him yourself he'll be resurected into the paradise." I had an irritated look about my face when saying it. After the conversation I explained to the pioneer that such comments were unacceptable in the field service. I was still on the body at that time so my word meant something. :)

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