Have you seen any of the JW's elders that DF'd or DA'd you and or now DF'd?

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  • Nosferatu

    Never got DFed, but I pretty much consider the elders who gave me a shepherding call my JC Elders. One of them was nice, one of them was a prick. The one who was nice almost cried when I told him I wasn't going back. The prick elder told me I was going to be toast at Armageddon.

    I haven't run into either of them, but my JW mother called the prick elder an asshole once. She's surprised that she didn't get hauled into the back room for that one!

  • aniron

    I DA'd 5 years ago. Of the elders who where in the KH at that time.

    2 have left over the pedophile issue.

    1 resigned because they DF'd his son for smoking. But only reproved another elders son for fornication.

    Another Elder who when I was there thought he was Gods gift to the congregation, was removed when he was caught smoking. Yet in the years beforehand, one daughter was pregnant before she married a brother she was just reproved, another daughter was known to be having sex with her guy, but nothing was done. One son a Min Servant ran off and married a dancer. Another son was known to be using cannabis, yet was still made a Min servant.

    What about the scripture an elder should keep his household in order to be approved??

  • Dune

    I remember an elder from the congregation i used to be in when i was little. Anyway, a couple of years after i left he was disfellowshipped for impregnating a sister during a shepherding call.

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