Have you seen any of the JW's elders that DF'd or DA'd you and or now DF'd?

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  • booker-t

    It is funny but I love that old expression "karma is the best payback". I happened to see one of those super arognant elders that was the Judicial committee that put me on "private reproof" years ago when I was a "devout" JW and fell into unscriptual conduct. They literally had me trembling back there in the back of the KH wondering if I was going to be disfellowshipped or put on Public Reproof. I would have crawled on my hands and knees for those elders. I was so afraid of them when I was in my early 20's in 1985. Now fast foward to 2006 I had the privalege of seeing one of the elders that had me trembling back all those years ago. Elder Joe Blow was one of the elders, his father-in-law that was the head elder in my hall all of my growing up years. I saw these elders more than I saw my non-jw dad and feared them twice as much as I did my own dad.I remember one time my dad wanted to take me to the horse race and I mentioned it to Elder Joe Blow and he told me to tell my dad "no". I was just going to have some fun with my dad but the elders went ballistic. So I had to disappoint my father and tell him I was not going to go with him. My father hated the JW's for the controll they had on my family. We could not do anything. Well back to Elder Joe Blow who is now Disfellowshipped for "cheating" on his wife a living with another woman. He actually tried to be nice to me but I still had anger in my heart. I tried to be civil with him but when he called me an "apostate" I went off on him. I told him at least I am not playing both ends of the fence trying to be a JW and "cheating" on my wife. He got mad when I told him this. But he tried to defend himself by telling me that Jehovah will forgive his "adulterous ways" but Jehovah will destroy me at Armaggeddon for "apostacy". Have you ever heard such nonsense. I was wondering if I could have avoided this confrontation because This elder and my family have been friends for over 30 years and I know he is going to report this incident to my family. What do you think?

  • ObservingTexan

    Speaking as one who has never been a JW..... the dude is mentally ill.

  • snarf

    In whose opinion are you an apostate? Where in the bible does it seperate adulterers from other evildoers? it doesn't. Tell your family that he needs to prove to them scriptually where your sin is greater than his....I bet he cant!

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    yep. while i was on my lunch break during work one day i passed by a cargroup that had obviously broken down and one of the elders on my jc committee was standing outside. i got reeeeeaaaally scared at first....then i thought...''WTF is he going to do to me? break my toes???'' so i turned around, rolled down my window and hollered, ''you need some help?''

    everyone in the cargroup looked like they had $hit their pants. the elder played it cool, smiled and said, ''no...we've got it.''

    so i said, ''good luck!'' and drove off.

    I FELT SOOOOOOOOOOO LIBERATED AFTER THAT!!!!! i had been the bigger person and they all knew it!


    luv, jojo

  • clovis

    You know sometimes nothing beats a good old ass kicking!

  • slugga

    Should have told him you're not allowed to talk to Disfellowshipped ones


  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Well I heard one went into the circuit work in western Canada

    And the other two are busy pushing up the daisies

  • slugga
    Well I heard one went into the circuit work in western Canada

    And the other two are busy pushing up the daisies

    Get planning permission and build a disco over their graves and then go dancing every week :)

  • Mary

    I was hauled in the back room for "a little chat" years and years ago for "swearing" (I'm sure that'll come as a real big shock to everyone here). One of the elders who told me how baaaaad it was for me to swear, blah, blah, blah, later got DF'd for adultery.

  • sf
    Have you seen any of the JW's elders that DF'd you?

    My mom actually married the very elder that sat on the committee, just two years later.

    She still sux________...


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