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  • Ellie

    She was going to put me in a childrens home and then adopt new children.

  • FairMind

    My dad was a career Army man who was Airborne, Infantry and during my teenage years a Drill Instructor. One of his favorite threats was, “I’ll yank you up by your ankles and shake you to your balls fall off”. Actually that’s pretty humorous.

  • rebel8

    "Why buy the cow when the milk is free? If you live with a guy b4 marriage, he will not marry you." (now married to former live-in boyfriend)

    (gross alert ----->) "If you use tampons you won't be a virgin anymore." ( I wish.)

    "If you take birth control pills (even if medically necessary), it will make you have sex, and the male hormones in the pill will shrink your breasts, make you grow a penis, and make you grow facial hair." (Rumor had it one of the unpopular girls in the KH had this happen. She supposedly grew a penis and became a prostitute. Ppl would time their ladies' room trips so they could be in there with her on the off chance they'd get a peek, but they'd stay at far enough a distance to ensure they didn't accidentally brush up against her {apparently fake penises are contagious}. The rumor was truly one of the meanest things I've ever heard JWs say. Or anyone, come to think of it. It was horrible for her.)

    She said "Oh no, Jehovah won't let you commit suicide, he will kill you and he will make sure you know its him killing you and he will make it slow and painful."

    What a load of ca-ca. I wonder what scripture she based that statement on?

  • LDH


    I got it. Joel is too much. You are pretty funny your damn self.

    The only thing I repeatedly got was, "Well done good and faithful slave, what you have done is what you ought to have done."

    Yep. Never any praise, only that I had done what I was supposed to do. JWs really get off on being secret ascetics.

    Did I spell that right?

  • rebel8

    Wow, I'm shocked no one commented on the fake penis story!

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