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  • joelbear

    any interesting threats your parents would use on you.

    my mom always said, remember there's an eye watchin' you

    and when i would say something about a brother or sister or the society or something offbeat in general

    she would say the she bears were going to eat me.

    well she was close on the last one.

  • AuldSoul

    The only thing I repeatedly got was, "Well done good and faithful slave, what you have done is what you ought to have done."

    That was inspiring, lemme tell ya. My folks weren't much for threatening. More in favor of restrictions (that they couldn't enforce) and whippings. Later they became in favor of kicking children out of the house who refused to conform.


  • Brigid

    I got the one about the Israelites stoning to death children if they disrespected their parents.

    Aaah, the love.


  • unclebruce


    and she meant it

  • atypical

    I was threatened with being kicked out of the house. This was when I would disagree with my parents about the dating issue (they would not let me go out with girls at all, and I was 17). I was told that I was showing disrespect and would be immediately thrown out of the house if I did not back down and apologize. Since I had nowhere to go, I apologized.

    I also heard the she-bear thing many times when I was younger.

  • greendawn

    My father who never was a JW would say: "everything you do must earn you some profit otherwise you will hit trouble." that was because as a JW then I was spending time for the org for no reward and he could not understand why ppl would do that without having some money going into their pockets.

  • Gretchen956

    The most notable one I can remember was from my mom. She was big on the fear side of the religion anyway. I was pretty independent and I was having a period of "doubt" in my teen years. I told mom I didn't want to be a JW anymore. She said I would die at Armeggedon and it would be long, slow and excrutiating. I said well if I saw the big A coming I would just commit suicide since being dead is just nothingness anyway. She said "Oh no, Jehovah won't let you commit suicide, he will kill you and he will make sure you know its him killing you and he will make it slow and painful."

    So much for a loving god, what a guy! But I guess that says a lot about my mum too.


  • Hellrider

    "In old Israel, disobedient children were stoned".

    "What do you think Jehovah thinks, when you behave like that? You`re to old now to ride on your parents ticket, you know..."

    I wish my parents were still alive, so I could show them a video of an actual stoning.

  • slugga

    My mum was always lying about she bears getting some little kid down the rd because they were bad.

    As I grew older I figured out there were no bears in Scotland, let alone She bears and I'd point that little fact out to her. Then one day she showed me a newspaper clipping about how some bear had escaped and was running wild up in Scotland... I behaved after that

  • silentWatcher

    the she bears were going to eat me.

    well, she was almost right on the last one.

    lol. I'm the only one that got that. :-)
    Hint: joel's mom was off by one letter. :-)

    anyhow, the best times in my life were being eaten by a she-bear while getting stoned.

    -silent (with a dirty mind)

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