The Bible - God's Word or Man's?

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    Careful! You are in over your head in deep water if you want to argue biblical interpretation with Leolia.

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    God’s word through man. But let me answer your arguments, SickofLies. “Popularity does not indicate reliability.” Exactly right, popularity doesn’t indicate reliability. Archeology is more reliable. There are more than 5,000 ancient Greek manuscripts in around today. No other anicient literature has as much evidence for it as the Bible. Some of it’s accounts of Jesus were written within 30 years of their occurance leaving no time for misinterpretation or false records, plus there were too many eye witnesses around to argue any lies that might have been written in the Bible. Even the Jewish leaders never denied Jesus’ miracles they only denied that they were from God, everyone saw the miracles. However, as far as ipact on society there is a huge impact from the Bible. It was at the foundation of America, that’s just one good show of influence. “To a significant degree, the Bible achieved its large circulation by conquest, not merit. Native cultures were subjugated or murdered by Christian missionaries, and their works were destroyed. Even today, many so-called Christians try to force the Bible on others through political dominance; for example, by trying to get it taught in science classes of public schools. They act as though the Bible cannot succeed on its own. This is a reason to reject the Bible, not approve of it.” First off, is it fair to judge the Bible by those who have commited crimes in it’s name when those things were never encouraged in the Bible? If I were one who hated the Christianity some of the worst harm I could do would be to claim to be a believer and then do everything the Bible is against. Think about the Crusades. That leaves a horrible mark on the history of Christians, but no where in the Bible was the practices of the Crusades encouraged, rather those things such as murder, rape, hatred, lying, etc are condemned in the Bible. Every religion has many, if not the majority, of followers who do not even know (or don’t care) what the core of their religion teaches. You have to go to the core. What did the founder teach? What did the book teach? The Bible has never encouraged forcing itself on others. Did Jesus force Himself on others? No. He laid out the truth and let people believe if tehy chose to, not becauesthey were forced to. Force is not love, choice is love. That is why God made humans and not robots. We have to choose to love Him, we can’t be forced, taht is not true love. As far as getting the Bible taought in school, what makes evolution more accurate than the Bible? There isn’t flawless proof for Evolution. Popular opinion wants you to think that there is flawless proof but they can’t find it. The billions of years since the earth was created and the time elapsed between certain species has to keep being changed to fit to new findings. Man’s feet are found with dinasours, that breaks the ideas that dinosours came first.Trees were found that covered different spances of sedimantary layers showing that the different layers representing different sets of thousands of years couldn’t be true becaues this tree was alive for each part, covered all at once. Hmm, could mean a great flood.... (check out more out of place fossils at: ) It is only logical that both creation and evolution “theories” be taught. I believe one is false and the other true, but I wasn’t there. “The Bible is not unique in being influential. Historian Michael H. Hart ranks Muhammad and Isaac Newton as being more influential than Jesus Christ, suggesting that the Qur'an and 's Principia are at least comparable in influence. Influence does not necessarily imply good qualities. Christianity achieved much of its influence by force of arms, including several cases of genocide.” Influentiality is subjective here. I don’t think Newton was more influential than Jesus. Muhammed has been pretty influential I will give you that. But as far as Christians using force, don’t forget the Jihads of the Muslims. “Persecution is not a good sign. When people persecute something, they usually have a reason. When lots of people persecute something, they usually have a **** good reason.” Interesting tone here. :) I like to keep things on a less offensive note. When people persecute something or someone it is usually out of hatred or jealousy, not a good reason. Why was Jesus, the Jews during the holocaust, Ghandi, Lincoln? Jesus was killed because he took away followers of the corrupt religious leaders who wanted their power and money. The Jews were persecuted because of an offense Hitler had in his past when he wanted to ba an artist and he was rejected from the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts twice. The second time was a huge blow to him and when he found out that the majority of the proffesors who rejected him were Jews he decided on his hatred. Ghandi was shot becaues he tried to make peace with the Hindu’s and Muslims. Lincoln was shot becausee he was trying to get rid of rasicm. The Bible has inspired probably more persecution than it has received. Christianity has a bloody history of trying to spread its Word forcibly. Much of the persecution it has received is due to the conflict that it itself has engendered. The Qur'an has faced a great deal of persecution, too. Given time, it may well overtake the Bible in this regard.” Actually, most persecution of Christians isn’t talked about. More Christians have been killed in this century than in all others combined! ( who is going to tell you about it? The biased news? Communist China who wants to look like they allow free religion? I don’t think so. If you want to talk about any other religion in school there isn’t that much complaining but when you start talking about Christianity then there is a problem. Christians are persucted at much more than otehr religions and teh Bible doesn’t ask for it. But nobody likes to hear that they are a sinner. the Qur’an is contridictory in its teaching. It teaches both non-violence and volence. ““The Bible is unique in its intellectually honesty. Its characters have real personalities. It portrays flaws of its writers and details failures along with successes.” - Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, 1989. The Bible - God's Word or Man's? , pp. 65-66. The Bible is far from unique in this regard” The argument for honesty does hold weight though when considering that Muhammeds flaws are not talked about, or Joseph Smith, or Siddhartha Guatam (buddah). Also consider Christ’s resurection, the Bible says that women found that Jesus was raised from the dead. At that time the validity of women’s word was considered half that of a man’s. You needed to have at least two women witnesses to equal one man’s in their court system.If a man wrote it, why didn’t he just say that men found Jesus resurected, unless the truth was that women did? Anyway, these are my thoughts on the matter. Can I ask you, why do you only use the Watch tower’s claims about the Bible? The source would be better. The watchtower we know is written by man, is flawed. The Bible can speak for itself: Hebrews 4:12 For the word of God is living and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the division of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. Most of your arguments have been based on opinion factors. Why not argue something stronger? You were a former JW right? Maybe the problem is not that Christianity is wrong but JW’s. Christianity is the Bible not the different denominations or cults that came from it. Only the Bible. Galatians 1:8 “ But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed.” Feel free to comment or question. Always seek the Truth, check other beliefs and test everything. Blessings as you seek the Truth, not a cult.

  • JCinme

    oop's a correction. When I said "Why was Jesus, the Jews during the holocaust, Ghandi, Lincoln? Jesus was killed because he took away followers of the corrupt religious leaders who wanted their power and money. " I meant why was Jesus, the Jews during the holocaust, Ghandi and Lincoln PERSECUTED? Sorry about that.

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