Why do witnesses think they have the truth?

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I thought I had the truth for 26 years..here is a list of reasons.

    1. They use the bible more that other religions.

    2. They don't believe Jesus as God, when most do.

    3. They are careful not to do things with pagan roots.

    4. They teach against a burning hell and are alone in thinking the dead are conscience of nothing at all.

    5. They believe in new earth and ressurection on to it.

    6. They believe the soul and the spirit are 2 separate things.

    7. They alone believe the spirit is without personality.

    8. They can explain about the ransom of Christ and how he bought us back from sin and death.

    9. They have a reasonable explanation to why God permitted suffering.

    10. Even though their prophesies are wrong they try to figure them out. Most other religions ignor Rev. and Dan.

    11. They teach the kingdom is a real government with a group along with Jesus that will serve as kings and priests. Most teach the kingdom is only in their hearts.

    12. They pretend they don't think of the brothers as leaders, (but they do)

    So why did I leave..? Because to me they've gotten corrupt. They shouldn't have a governing body that orders people what to believe. Having them have this governing body makes themselves an idol. They are never sorry for what they've done to people's lives. And their secrecy is another play for power. They do not have a clue how the end will work out, as they are using tired old prophesies. Haven't had any new light that has been encouraging to keep them strong in literally ages.. I think God has left them.

  • wheres caleb?
    wheres caleb?

    A friend of mine told me that he became a witness because he was able to have all his questions answered. I don't know what his questions were, but it was enough for him.

    Now he is a CO and helping others to find the answers to their questions.

    Faith is abstract. People who choose to interpret the abstract have a tendency to project their own views as more valid, and this can lead to distortions because abstract thoughts are turned into absolutes.

    "Believe the way we do or you are going to die".

    That message is the underlying theme of their ministry. Announcing Jehovah and his Kingdom means what?

    He told me that the only department at Bethel that is growing is the legal department.

    I guess for those that believe that they have the truth, you just stop asking questions and just choose to believe.

  • garybuss

    The Witnesses told me they have the "truth" because they change teachings when they are wrong.

  • greendawn

    The GB know that what they preach has nothing to do with the truth but the R&F believe it out of naivity because to them the org appears to be morally concerned and pure. They are not smart enough to see the lies and manipulation that go on non stop.

  • carla

    I think my jw thinks it's the truth because he's too damn lazy to see if it or isn't! They did all the work for him, no need to think and research, that would just be evil.

  • kls
    I think my jw thinks it's the truth because he's too damn lazy to see if it or isn't! They did all the work for him, no need to think and research, that would just be evil.

    Well Carla that maybe part but JWS are not allowed to look at any other resources then what the WT has to offer ,and he knows if he were ever to question or be caught that he would be branded an Apostate and face the Elders.

    They ( The JWS ) are terrified to look beyond their only permited boundries and God forbid they ever question or Everlasting life will beyond their reach.

    Stupid is as Stupid does

  • FairMind

    In the beginning I found the teachings on the Trinity, soul, hell fire and being in the time of the end consistent with what the Bible teaches and absolutely logical. My doubts surfaced when I realized that everything in the organization was about control. Realizing that individuals in the org. have only the right to obey and not the right to question was a real eye-opener to me.

  • M.J.

    marketing, baby!

  • funkyderek

    Quite simply because they call their religion "The Truth". Once you do this, you can then compare any aspect of "The Truth" with other religions, and if they don't match up, they can't possibly be true.

    For example, a JW will claim that their religion must be the truth because they're the only ones who teach that there will be a paradise earth, Jesus died on an upright stake and blood transfusions are forbidden. Other religions can't be true because none of them teach this peculiar combination of beliefs. The JWs don't realise it but their criteria for what's true or not have been given to them by the Watchtower Society, so it should come as no surprise when their religion ticks all the boxes - it was designed to.

  • insearchoftruth

    My wife has never seriously studied with the jws, when she talks about how bad her childhood was, she often blames the jws and her happiest times of growing up were in a non jw church, but due to the marketing and brainwash, she still thinks that the jw theology is the correct stuff, but at least she is not convinced (at least yet) that it is the only religion. I think as she gets exposed to more of my 'apostate' questioning, she shall start to question and not take things as directed by FDS.

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