Why do witnesses think they have the truth?

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  • JH

    What would be the main reasons why the Witnesses think that they alone have the truth?

  • KW13

    i believe being given biased evidence at a time when they were low in their lives or just needed someone else to control things for them.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Because they're told repeatedly that they do?

    Through the "study" process they are stuck in a loop that will punish them if they don't believe it, offers them a not-too-distant (any day now) reward if they do believe it and keep repeating it to others, and they are constantly warned that those who would challenge them are from the devil and, because such ones are not going to get the special prize, they don't want anyone else to get it either.

    That's my doctrine-free summary


  • insearchoftruth

    Thats a great and simple to understand summary Merry, I have been asking my wife the same question and she talks in watchtower circles so I eventually just give up!

  • proandcon

    simple...they're told they do...it's drilled into their heads from both a positive and negative perspective...

  • Ellie

    I'll tell you why I thought so, for the second time round as a 16 year old.

    The sister I studied with was very enthusiastic, she was a lovely person too and everyone else in the congregation seemed great too.

    Instead of researching and questining I just believed, 5 minutes of her tales would leave me excited, praying frantically thanking Jehovah for what I had learned.

    I was young and naive.

  • IMustBreakAway

    I have found that people of many religons believe they have the truth because they "feel" it to be the truth. They know that there is a God because they "feel" there must be. I have never had these feelings.

  • Dune

    My brother once told me that this religion had to be "the truth" because it was the only religion on the earth where you could go to some foreign country and people would treat you so warm and kind.

    I've heard this argument many times, but i dont really thing its something that its exclusive to witnesses.

  • xjwms

    don't have anything else.

  • streets76

    They think they have the truth because they are incapable of thinking.

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