Will Jesus Recognize you? an illustration used at an assembly:sheep/wolves

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  • Trojan

    Do you know what I start to hate about illustrations?

    It's that they are "little-mental-game-tricks". Nobody ever thinks about their REAL meaning. Only the other day: "We are like plants..blahalaha" Another brother went over the edge (in the infamous Daniel book study, talking about the cleansing process in ol' Russia - see my thread about "Holy Ghost switched on and off"): "Its like crude oil production...they heat it up to separate the ingredients..."


    Again, repeat with me - very slowly: "We--a-r-e--h-u-m-a-n-s" You know the living beings that have two feet and A BRAIN TO THINK!!!!

    I used to be impressed with illustrations and did a lot myself.....but it is such a shite! They oversimplify the most complicated creature in the Universe!


  • Trojan

    Oh, here's the thread of that book study: http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/10/108844/1.ashx


  • uninformed


  • LDH
    What they forget to mention is that Jesus' sheep know the owner's voice and they do not listen to the voice of strangers who tell sheep they need an interpreter for what the owner teaches.

    LOL! Touche!

  • jeeprube

    What a load of pre-contrived, made-to order bullshit. Ohhhh Brothers, don't be like that ignorant wolf puppy.....follow the faithful slave!

    Chunks are flying from my mouth.

  • sass_my_frass

    Ah illustrations; poetic propaganda. A mental tax on the dumb.

  • greendawn

    The WTS have ppl at HQ that are good in such propaganda methods, who could the wolf cub be, is it the apostates? Indeed the WTS had been very kind to them. In fact it is the FDS that are the pack of rapacious wolves lusting for power and self promotion.

  • Hecklerboy

    I guess this guy never heard of the prodagal son.

  • mkr32208

    I sort of had the same thought as greendawn! This isn't such a bad illustration, IF you realize that the watchtower is the bad wolves and the farmer is your "worldly" family and the sheep are your "worldly" friends!

    You leave them to join this nasty vicious destructive cult, shun them and treat them like crap then when you try to convert them they refuse to talk to you... Yup not a bad illustration at all!

  • Jake99

    The sheep only know and trust the wolves among them who are disguised as fellow sheep. The voice of Jesus is never preached because man does not want to follow his advice. The advice or starting point for the New World must be a non profit, transparent, equal opportunity, standadized, environmentally sound, highly efficient, basics for free kingdom.

    If you cannot understand that basic principal and stand behind it as if its the only Way then the voice of Jesus falls deaf upon your ears. Jesus knows and stands against all of your Ways and none of you recognize him when he stands before you. All of the false prophets will fade away when the Truth and the Way takes over management of this planet.

    No lines on the map, no money changers, no gamblers, swords to plow shares in the twinkling of an eye. Thats an end to the stock market and no one owns a business or land. Do not follow the JW's follow me for only I can show you the Way to peace, prosperity and long life. It is my specialty that I have been demonstrating for decades with miraculous results.

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