Will Jesus Recognize you? an illustration used at an assembly:sheep/wolves

by lostlantern 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • Nina
    puppy wolf

    Great little story if you are preaching Predestination!


  • Jake99

    I dont read the bible so predestination means nothing to me. It was taught to me as a child and its just a book of common sense and easy instructions.

  • Spectrum

    Here's a thought, get this,

    If this farmer was teleported back to the time of the OT Israelites would he be pointing his gun at the jews about to slit the throat of his beloved sheep and BANG?! Would jehovah strike the farmer with a bolt of lighting for stopping his bloodthirsty ceremony, or would he thank him for saving the sheep? Does the wolf then represent the Jews?

    Jehovah wants the wolf to kill the sheep because he designed the wolf that way. So why is the silly farmer getting in the way of God's ecological set up?

    Why do Christians hate wolves so much? They are majestic animals.

  • Swan

    Jesus probably won't recognize the JWs either, because they are lemmings, not sheep.


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