Favorite Beer

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  • Beachbender

    wow!! sooooo many choices here! I like Sam Adams, and Beck`s myself.

  • unclebruce
    YUCK! I hate the taste of beer.

    Catchy name dimples but I'll stick with the family..

    and from Tasmania...

  • jojochan

    Modelo Negro, smooth not bitter at all.!

    And of course from thailand...phucket beer. and corona extra with a slice of lime!


  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    English ale..defo London pride

    For getting pissed...a few "wife beaters"

    Night out with Lads..stick to carlsberg..copious amounts

  • ballistic
    For getting pissed...a few "wife beaters"

    lol, all the pubs down here sell it.

    Try this one if you like real beer...

  • insearchoftruth

    Would have to say Point, Leinenkugels Northwoods (on tap), neither available in Virginia, so on a day to day basis would drink Lite or Yuenglings Black and Tan

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    hi Ballistic

    Yeah that is a good pint..im lucky that the local is a free house and often does the ol' bombardier.

    Ever have the badger golden ale?

  • ballistic
    Ever have the badger golden ale?

    No, I think that is from my neck of the woods but I can't say I've tried it.

  • luna2

    I could use a beer now...any beer. Or maybe hot buttered rum would be better. Its snowing. I think we're supposed to get 8". Dammit! I hate shoveling snow. Grrrrrrrr

  • LDH

    NEWCASTLE yummy.

    Also a restaurant here in town (Sequoia Brewing Co) that does 8 or 9 of their own. Really good stuff, the ales.

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