BETHEL NEWS: Bethel Elder Arrangement to be dissolved as of Aug. 31, 2006

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  • What-A-Coincidence

    Dissolve them because they have become a pain in the a-s. "Why him and not me?" "I am no longer a Bethel Elder?, I'll show you" nag nag nag. Things prob. got out of hand. Too many to keep track of. That and also more than likely a former bethel elder brought to light or even GB that Bethel Elders have no scriptural backing.

    3 notes below... This whole process is guided by holy spirit ;-)


    PASSED around in bethel

    As of August 31, 1999

    Total Bethelites around the world: 18,497 in 109 Branches

    Brooklyn - 3,329

    Wallkill - 1,286

    Patterson - 978

    = 5,593

    Total of 195 Commuters for all complexes. THESE HAVE BEEN DISSOLVED SINCE THEN

    200 Bethelites in foreign service. THIS HAS INCREASED SINCE THEN

    1,279 Bethel Elders in United States. "damm!!! how many congos is that?"

    Bethel has kept records/applications since the 1920's - Included are, Knorr & Franz.

    Bethel applications: 1,916 received and processed last year. HOT DAMM. ALMOST 1914???

    661 accepted last year.


    While the Governing Body directly appoints the Branch Committee, Travelling Overseers and Bethel Elders, they too commission responsible brothers to act for them, such as Paul and Barnabas did in Acts 14:23. Later when Titus was in Crete, Paul wrote Titus 1:5. Then he outlined the requirements. So today the Governing Body indirectly makes appointments through qual ified brothers at headquarters and in the branches.

    In the first century, appointments were made theocratically. This pattern is followed today. Appointments are made in 91,000 congregations, but not democratically or by some elaborate ritual. Unlike Christendom, Jehovah ’s Witnesses stick to God’s Word. If elements try to interfere, what do we do? Acts 5:29 Being theocratic certainly has proved to be the wise course because it brings divine approval. Some appointments are transmitted by a letter for the Governing Body with a stamp on it. One form letter may appoint more than one brother in the congregation. It is important to note that no legal entity controls the appointment, [of elders, ministerial servants, etc.] even though such entity may be used to transmit the information. The whole process is guided by holy spirit. Isaiah 60:17 contains meaningful words. May we all rejoice in the increase.


    26. All Bethel elders should be available to the members of the family who have problems and they should be observant as to any difficulties or discouragement on the part of any member, being ready to offer personal counsel and help. It should be made clear to all elders just what their responsibilities are and what they are expected to do themselves. Serious problems may be reported to the Branch Committee. Bethel elders appreciate the value of giving encouragement to fellow workers and commendation for things well done. Efforts should be continued to maintain a good attitude and wholesome spirit among all members, as well as appreciation for their service privileges and a feeling of being needed and appreciated. Matt. 11:29, 30.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Zone Overseer Report Jan 99. - robert tracy mex branch

    Since spirituality is necessary, how would you consider your spirituality? Fair? Good? Excellent? Bethel elders play a key role in maintaining the joy and spirituality of the Bethel family. If someone is not attending morning worship or the Watchtower Study, that person needs to be readjusted. Take the initiative. Do not hold back when counsel is needed. Keep your joy, your sense of humor and above all keep your spirituality on a high level. Despite frustrations and a tight schedule, you are going to hold on. 1 Corinthians 16:13, 14 says,

    " Stand firm and grow mighty. Let all your affairs take place with love. "

    Posters: I knew many Bethel Elders who did not attend WT Study or Morning Worship.

  • daniel-p

    In continuing my comment from above, Bethel Elders are specifically used to oversee the spritual environment within their respective departments. Imagine Bethel not only being made up of individual departments as production units, but those departments also being, in effect, congregations. Each department is run like a congregation, with the overseers always being Bethel Elders, and the Bethel Elders often being overseers or assistant overseers. Long timers are often Bethel Elders, without doing much, sort of like the 'good ol' buddy' system on the outside. Some Bethel Elders are younger men - but no younger than 27 or 28, and even then, it's rare.
    When they say they are eliminating the Bethel Elder "arrangement" it means a lot. Imagine if they announced that there were no more elders in the congregations! Simply put, there must be some other system of internal spiritual governance that they will implement. One of the frustrations of living at Bethel is the fact that you have two sets of elders overseeing you: your cong. and your dept., likely this will be seen as another "simplification," involving the Bethelites more with their respective congregations. And realistically speaking, it doesn't make much sense to have "Bethel Elders" if you have regular elders on the outside and overseers on the inside.

  • Mr. Kim
    Mr. Kim

    Like I have said many times, "a little at a time." One by one the WTB&TS will change...................................

  • Quentin
    Rutherford used to purge his own men who got too much control also. :-))


    So did Stalin...

  • TheListener

    I would just like to add that you need not be in a bethel elders department for him to counsel you. You can easily be counseled by your table head, foot, home overseer, adjacent department overseer, and even if a bethel elder sees you goofing off in the locker room he can counsel you whether he know you or not. All he has to do is ask your name and the rest is easy.

    They don't have power in the sense of kicking out anyone they choose or making doctrine but they controlled the young boys (19+) that work so hard and play so unscripturally at bethel. These older men will still be expected to keep the youngsters in line -title or not.

  • toreador

    Has Bethel Elder Arrangement to be dissolved as of Aug. 31, 2006 been announced in the congregations as of yet?


  • PopeOfEruke

    Has anyone posted the scans of the letter yet?


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Toreador The congo's and R&F I've talked to dont even know about the cutbacks at Bethel.

  • daniel-p

    "Has Bethel Elder Arrangement to be dissolved as of Aug. 31, 2006 been announced in the congregations as of yet?


    I highly doubt they would announce it to the congregations since the average R&F dont even know what a Bethel Elder is.

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