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  • juni

    Thanks purplesofa. You highlighted exactly what I wanted to, but was too lazy to get off the couch to get my highlighter pen. Now it will be w/me when I start reading again.

    I'll go back and highlight from the beginning outstanding points.

    Juni :)

  • juni

    Thanks to all of you for your input. We are all shocked and enlightened over this book and what it has to say.

    GBL - Matrix, heh? I know how you feel.

    IRON CLAW - I will look up your profile.

    And to all of you, I will continue to read on in the other books after COC.


  • dinah

    CoC just confirmed what I suspected. I love Ray for having the courage to write it.

    The real eye opener for me was reading Deut. 18:20-22. When a prophet speaks in Jehovah's name and it does not come true, it did not originate with Jehovah. Do not be afraid of them. Verse 20 even says that prophet must DIE. I read "Let go of that fear of men. They have no power over you". Liberating!

    The Malawi incident really made my blood boil. I can remember sitting at the meetings when I was small hearing about all those atrocities---and wondering when it would be my turn to go through that. A 6 year old does not need to hear about men having nails driven into their feet and women being gang-raped. For the love of Christ!!!! It was SICK!

    Hope the spelling is okay. You guys have me paranoid about grammar and spelling.

  • roybatty
    Also, the Malawi and Mexico difference in treatment. Brothers LIED to escape military service in Mexico. And it wasn't frowned on - no DF. Poor bros. and sisters and the horrendous savagery in Malawi. Bless them!! Shame on this organization!

    Bingo! Any JW who reads that section of the book and doesn't go "hmmm..." is hopelessly braindead.

  • lv4fer

    C of C. It was a great book. I think the manner in which it was written, without anger was incredible when you consider what he saw and what he experienced. I had already pretty much made up my mind, but if there was any doubt this was the clincher. I also read his second book. When my husband read the second bood In Search of Christian Freedom, also a great read and it was all but over for him, although like myself he already had serious doubts. I would recommend it to all Witnesses and XJW's alike, although the former probably won't read it.

  • prophecor

    The fact that other Governing Body member's votes in legislating rules and regulations dealing with those who were of the rank and file could've in many ways changed a lot of lives. The way some were reported to vote, not acording to their conscience, but were voting in order not to rock the boat. Malawi / Mexico will always be an issue with me, especially behind the fact that I'm of African descent, to a degree. It will always be a sore spot in my life.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    For the longest time, I felt and concluded that the GB was deluded. I thought they were sincere quacks. So I was mainly apathetic to the whole WT world and not upset with it. But then I read about the Mexico/Malawi double standard. The nausea and sadness were intense. From then on I realized just how cold they really were.

  • sass_my_frass

    I've got to admit that the Malawi vs Mexico was the final straw for me. Had never put the two together, and didn't know the truth about Mexico. I read the book and smelled freedom.

  • Frog

    I've had a copy of C.O.C for months now but have only managed to skim and skan it. I agree with DB, the fact that it's written so candidly is the books greatest appeal. Ray most definitely did the write thing in writing the book when he was at peace with all he'd seen and endured, it makes the book far less threatening for newly interested ones. x

  • Clam

    I recently re-read CoC. It's totally gobsmacking. While I concur with the other posters, I would just add that I was very moved by the poignant story of Edward Dunlap, who was booted out after 40 years service and went back to wallpaper hanging until he was 86. Ray Franz remarks:

    "How those reponsible - genuinely and primarily responsible- for all this can approach God in prayer at night and say," Show us mercy as we have shown mercy to others," is difficult for me to understand.

    God bless Ray Franz.

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