Jehovah's Witness Hall Vandalized

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  • Kenneson

    In Aspen, Colorado a Kingdom Hall has been the target of vandals twice recently. A hate message was spray painted on the building. See

    "Vandals strike school, worship hall" at

  • enigmatoo

    Is the name of the road correct? Piramid Road? Bad association word leading to Piramid Scheme designed by Russell?

    What was the message on the hall?

  • kristyann

    Even though sometimes I'd LIKE to... I really wish people wouldn't do that. It ends up making the anti-Watchtower people look psycho... and then people actually feel SORRY for the JWs and their precious precious building.

  • upside/down

    About a year or so ago...JW's were BUSTED in Aspen for vandalizing a Church...

    It's probably just pay back time...


  • lilybird

    Every time I drive by our local congregation, I can't help wishing it would go up in flames or some other fitting destruction,, when it is empty of course....but really,, vandalism doesn't accomplish anything.. it just makes the JWS believe more how they are "persecuted for their faith"

  • carla

    And what do jw's think when Christian churches are vandalized and burnt down? Jah getting a head start?

  • RichieRich
    The most recent vandalism was discovered at 7 a.m. Saturday, according to sheriff's office records.

    Lets examine the facts:

    • someone was at the hall at 7 am.
    • this happened late in the month

    Looks like someone was trying to make their time out in field service!!

  • jeanniebeanz

    Good one, Richie... lol

    I wish I could say that I cared, but the truth is... I don't. I think all religion is a scam and does more harm than good. It wouldn't bother me a bit to have it all banned permanently as "an illegal, reality altering substance leading to emotional dependance and an inability to solve ones own problems without reliance on the supernatural"... but that's just one very hurt woman's opinion...


  • Pleasuredome

    would be great to see some pics

  • Ellie

    Oh what a shame, but wait, no, its persecution, the end is near.

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