Jehovah's Witness Hall Vandalized

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  • Gregor

    True Story

    Early '80's. There was an intense young man in our cong., late 20's with a wife and two children who, after 3 or 4 years as a Great Crowd JW, started taking the emblems at the memorial. Of course, no one challenged him nor did he say much about it. We began to notice a shift in his personality and he took on a kind of goofy, 'I am all wise" grin. It was shortly after his second memorial as an "annointed" that he went completely, certifiably bonkers. He was arrested after a night of driving all over town throwing molotov cocktails (they didn't do much damage. They were made from beer cans full of gasoline with paper towels stuffed in the top) at churches in our community. Some of the churches were occupied at the time. The local, politically correct newspaper never mentioned his connection with JW's. He ended up in Atascadero State Hospital for the criminally insane.

  • gaiagirl

    A Kingdom Hall in Corpus Christi, Texas was burned sometime during the late '80s. Someone removed the hinge pins from the front doors, entered and piled a large amount of literature on the floor, then poured gasoline on the literature and lit it. The fire department arrived in time to prevent the entire structure from being consumed, but as it was, repairs, including a new roof, took months. The congregation had to meet at a special time in another hall. I wonder where Jehovahs holy spirit was at the time?

  • Caedes

    I wonder who will end up paying for the repairs? the hapless r&f I suppose.

  • greendawn

    At the end of the day they deserve whatever destruction they get let's not forget the KH's belong to the WTS and not to the R&F JWs. They are centres of brain washing, education that oppresses rather than liberate, the R&F may not know it but the FDS knows everything.

  • blondie

    (Just a sidepoint about "ownership" of KHs in the US, all congregations in whose territory the KH is physically located are set up as non-profit corporations, with 3 elders from that congregation selected to act as corporate officers. These officers don't "own" the KH but do direct any legal or business decisions after passing a resolution through the congregation. If the congregation is dissolved, according to US laws, then and only then does the corporate oversight revert to the parent non-profit corporation, the WTS. All buying and selling of such KH buildings are done at the congregation non-profit corporation level, not from New York.)

  • nelly136

    they can probably build 2 or 3 more with the insurance money and lack of labour costs,

    sometimes i wonder if the burning down of halls isnt a bit of big J's timely intervention for splitting congs

  • nelly136
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