Have any been attacked while in FS?

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  • Check_Your_Premises


    The reason I am asking about this is because my wife takes my youngest out in service while I am at work. I worry about both of them in general, but also because religion is about the most sensetive area for you to be running around poking strangers.

    I printed out the list of local sex offenders so she would know which doors to DEFINITELY not be knocking on! For some reason this simple, common sense measure never occurred to the local boe.

    On the one hand I think prostletyzing is a total indoctrination tool, and subjects my kids (can't tell my wife she cant) to unecessary risk. On the other hand my kids only have to endure it until kindergarten.

    I am just trying to decide if this is a hill worth dying on. Field service is a big deal to jw's!


  • blondie

    By JWs or non-JWs?

    I knew that there would be knife in my back from some JWs as soon as I got out of the car to go to a door. It was slice and dice in the car of whomever was not there.

  • dinah

    My "career" as a door-knocker lasted from birth to age 18. I was never attacked verbally or physically. Once a man told a person in my car group that the next one who knocked on his door would be shot.

    Will your wife continue to take them in field service on Saturdays when they start school?

  • MinisterAmos

    Door partners verbally assaulted twice in three years no physical assaults (I'm pretty imposing physically.) Don't worry about your kids because Jah will protect them just like the Elders promise! At least that's what they told me when I mentioned that switching us from a congregation 15 minutes from our home to one an hour away, across a literal sea of titty bars, along the deadliest, most Red-Neck per sq mile, beer swilling section of highway in the country with a School that lasts till 9:30PM on Friday drunk night, might not be in our best interests.

    Actually they could give a rats ass about your best interests. Everything is geared to putting feet on doorsteps, or as we say in "the world" putting asses in the seats. There are many examples and it really doesn't take a lot to see them.

  • GoingGoingGone

    I've never been attacked physically, but I was bitten by a dog once.

    Attacked verbally a handful of times, at most.

    Went in service for a total of 30+ years.

    I did find, though, that when you have young children with you, people tend to be more polite. But you are knocking on people's doors uninvited, and I did worry about who would open the door when I had my kids with me. Fortunately, we never had a problem.


  • IP_SEC

    I've never been attacked physically but had a gun pulled working the rurals.

    *raises shotgun* "you see that road you came up? You can just go right back down it"

    *pio sister says* "we are jeho..."

    *Matt grabs her by the arm and turns her right around and makes haste to the car*

  • slugga

    Verbally threatened once on a RT on a Sunday arvo, the husband answered the door in a dressing gown looking very sweaty and when we asked for his wife he turned nasty.

    Physically threatened just the one time when the home owner shook a cricket bat at us.

  • KW13

    ha, i remember one.

    We were at a big house, a big drive...nice cars and a BIG DOG. The guy let his dog go when we were leaving so the guy i was with pushed me behind him then popped the button on his brolly, it was a 'Boss' brolly. That dog got a caining.

  • Seeker4

    I was never physically attacked by someone. Did have some heated discussions, and got kicked off a few doorsteps, but nothing too dramatic.
    In 1969 I was attacked by a Siamese cat while going h-to-h, tore up my left hand rather seriously, and I had to go to an emergency room. That was actually a pretty freaky incident, and not pleasant in any way.
    I was a Witness from the early 60s to mid-90s, and Pioneered for many years.

  • HockeyMullet

    We rolled up to a big farm house with what seemed to be a nice elderly man doing some yard work. Short guy. Maybe 120 lbs. at the most. Well, it's my buddies turn and I decide I'll go with him and we approach this nice old guy. At first he thought we were sales people and was very polite then as soon as my buddy pulled that WT out of his bookbag, I could see the red in his eyes. With spit shooting out of his mouth he yelled "Get the spuck outta here!!!" With that we turned and started walking and giggling the whole way not turning back until it was too late for my buddy. The old dude followed him back to his side of the car and kicked him right in the ass. We're talking NFL record 65 yard field goal here. I'll never forget it.

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