Do Jewish people have an opinion of jw's?

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  • sass_my_frass

    I only ever met one Jewish lady at the door, and I had no clue at the time that they were the original people of Jehovah (Education by Awake), but she very politely snotted me off. I'm just curious whether anybody knows what Jewish people think of JW's, if they do at all? Are JW's the ultimate blasphemers?

  • greendawn

    In the days of Russell they used to be on very good terms because he was an ardent christian zionist and it is almost certain that they were financiallly backing his corporation.

    Later Rutherford tried to appease Hitler in his early days as German leader but because later the JWs suffered at the hands of Hitler the Jews see that in a good way. If not all those that know the past.

    Some ppl suspect that the WTS is secretly directed or at least strongly influenced by the Jews even today.

  • jgnat

    Greendawn, that is conspiracy garbage. Now I've lost my train of thought. I was going to talk about some candid comments from some modern Jews. My friend has been educating them because her daughter's first crush was with a JW boy, and her new steady is Jewish.

    Like most people, they don't think about the Jehovah's Witnesses much, other than they are the odd people who go around knocking on doors. The JW misapplication of the dietary laws is abhorrent to Jews, who above all reverence life. An observant Jew would NEVER follow a dietary requirement at the risk of their own life.

  • slugga

    But how do modern day Jews view the use of the name Jehovah though?

  • jgnat

    YHWH? Written, never spoken.

  • Mary
    But how do modern day Jews view the use of the name Jehovah though?

    The modern day Jews do not use the name "Jehovah" for a couple of reasons. Number one: they believe that His name is too sacred and should not be used as this would be "taking the Lord's name in vain", or, using it in a worthless way. Orthodox Jews quite often don't even spell the word "God" (the fence around the Law itself). Instead, they spell it "G-d". Another reason the Jews don't use God's name is that no one knows the original pronounciation. They think the term "Jehovah" is pretty much of a joke. Although they have the tetragrammaton YHVH, there are so many possible ways it could have been pronounced that they're not even sure the term Yahweh is correct. While the Jews and the Witnesses both believe in worshipping the God of the Old Testament and not Jesus, there are obviously major differences of opinion on how He is supposed to be worshipped.

  • DevonMcBride

    Jews view the Jehovah's Witnesses the same as all other Christians.

  • Brigid

    mishegas (MISH-eh-goss)--N. An absurd or ridiculous idea or belief; irrational behavior. "Forget about dinner at your mother's. I can't deal with her running around in her bra and all her other mishegas."

    This is something I have a fair amount of experience in. I do not tell most of my Jewish friends that I was even ever a JW. Too embarassing! But yea, can't beat yiddish for accurateness!

    As for the name thing, "Jehovah". Orthodox Jews find it extremely disrespectful--even though this is NOT EVEN CLOSE to their god's name. It is an anglicized loose translation of a translation of an acronym of a DESCRIPTION of their god. Still, it's like going up to the president and saying "how's it hanging georgie (or in a different language--Jorge?) carbon based bi-ped who runs country north of equater!). There are probably a handful of people in any given generation from the Kohanim (what Christian's call the Levite) tribe that know their god's name--and I GUARANTEE you, no one else has ever even come close to knowing it.

    Reform Jews could care less for the most part.


  • greendawn

    Jgnat the Jewish involvement with the JWs can not be entirely dismissed as conspiracy garbage. Russell was certainly an outspoken zionist and naturally the Jews liked him and at least up to the 1920's the Jewish freemasons supported Rutherford as was proven beyond doubt in a Swiss court.

    Now whether the Jews have a hand in today's WTS policies and operations, that may or may not be correct, but there is an obvious Judaic influence in the JW dogma because it is jehovah and not Christ centred it is also works centred and most JWs don't believe that they are part of the New Covenent. They are Jehovah's organisation not Christ's Church.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    The first Rabbi I saw in Massachusetts informed me that I was a disgrace for marrying a JW. I laughed because my husband was treated the same way by the Elders for marrying me! LOL!

    Our new Rabbi who is very live and let live, doesn't care at all.

    I think most Jew's don't care about JW's until they cross their path or are irritated by them.


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