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  • enderby

    looks like the college education he's getting from the Awakes didn't teach him the difference between "effect" & "affect".

  • greendawn

    The war against the "apostates" goes on in full, the problem is that the dubs from the GB down will say: sorry we have no answers for your questions, however go out and stay out.

  • misanthropic

    Thank you to the person who posted this......

    :: You should get busy learning about the Watchtower Organization. They use teach that blacks were inferior and that they were going to turn white in the "New System". They, also, teach that they are the only ones that have "the truth" and everyone else is going to die at Armaggedon (everybody that isn't a Witness). That's just too dumb. Research the Watchtower. Then make a decision about becoming a Witness. Don't let them take over your life! They're smiling at you now, but later, it's horrible!

  • collegegirl21
    I think that's awesome... so amusing! lol
  • collegegirl21
  • misanthropic

    ::Check out Christian... I love it!

    I noticed that, also Charles seems to be all over the board.

  • insearchoftruth

    This could really take off, thanks for the info, I may end up becoming a registered member, time to do some field service!!

  • Chimene

    Christian is good! LOL

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