Newly Annointed - Any stories ?

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  • kid-A

    Yes indeed,

    There was a rather "wild" young JW girl I knew growing up who was about 5 years older than me. She was something of the "circuit tramp" and had a reputation of screwing around at DUB parties and a record of several dozen boyfriends. ANyhoo, around 27 years old (after marrying her window washer JW husband and having a baby) she decides that low and behold, she is of the annointed! This went on for several years until she finally went right off the deep-end and ended up needing professional help and medication for her mental illness. I guess jehoobie works in mysterious ways when selecting his 144,000 frequent flier club members.

  • Finally-Free

    I knew 3 people in 3 different congregations who decided they were annointed™ and started partaking™. In all cases the rumors in the halls were about how they had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, and this was evidently punishment from Jehovah because they were partaking™ unworthily™.


  • LittleToe

    Well this thread certainly got off to a good start, if you wanted serious answers, that is...

  • KW13

    How do i explain this.

    Christ gave bread and wine to his disciples. People who followed his way, who were to understand his sacrifice and what it meant and did things by the book...everyone should be able to partake and realise what Christ did for them!

  • Highlander

    Through marriage on my dad's side of the family I have a relative that is supposedly of the anointed.

    I don't know the story behind it as I have known her to be of the anointed for as long as I've been alive.

    However there was a running joke among the younger crowd regarding this anointed relative of mine. We always joked about running her over with a car and sending her to heaven.

    At the time it seemed funny,, now I realize how idiotic I was.

  • blondie

    Actually, initially when someone was baptized and became a Bible Student, they were all anointed. That was back in my grandparents' day. The mystique now is that when a person is baptized to be a member of the WTS, they aren't anointed, the choice isn't even presented.

    The New Testament is written directly to Christians to expect to be of the anointed from baptism on, no second choice. If individual JWs really read that part of the Bible, I can see why they might get the idea that going to heaven is the only choice. Most of those who start partaking, don't suddenly decide to do it. There is too much WT propaganda against the concept that any JW is anointed today except, older people. A great deal of pressure from the elders is put on them to stop partaking.

    I knew of 4 people who started partaking several years after being baptized. None of them were schizophrenic nor did they develop mental illness after starting to partake. It doesn't make sense either to think that they must be more "holy" than the "other sheep" either. If you read the NT, you can tell that some of those people had serious problems, yet they were still anointed.


  • unclebruce

    True Blondie.

    I come from an old congregation and have known over two dozen of the remnant in real life, all of whom were mentally stable apart from the usual diseases of old age. I've shone their shoes, I've escorted them at assemblies. Most of them thoroughly enjoyed their slightly exaulted status. They generally tried hard not to show their pride but it must be hard to be humble when you've been handpicked by the superdaddy of the known universe. Yet most of them certainly were humble and genuinely nice people. I guess they 'got the truth' in an age when being a christian actually meant being a nice person and doing good things.

    The internet "remnant" are a very different story though (bibleman, et al)

    cheers unclebruce

  • IronClaw
    If you read the NT, you can tell that some of those people had serious problems, yet they were still anointed.

    Excellent point.

  • Elsewhere

    Two annointed in my family: My mom and her dad.

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