Found out there is a religion EXACTLY like JW'S!! And I mean EXACTLY!

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  • gumby

    CYP beat me to it. I just gotta get up earlier

    Here's a front page to their site. Look familiar?

    Feature Story
    Who Is Burning In Hell? Do you have “unsaved” friends or relatives? Are you afraid they are in Hell, burning now and forever in fiery torment? Perhaps you are even happy at the thought of your enemies burning in Hell. You may be surprised by what the Bible really teaches!

    Cover Story
    A New World Is Coming!
    Can you picture the reality of the coming Millennium, when the earth will be under the perfect rule of Jesus Christ? Your Bible reveals a message of hope about this soon-coming time.

    Classrooms In Chaos In recent decades, modern educators have seen a dramatic change in schools. Violence and disrespect often play a larger role in a student’s life than study and discipline. Why has this change occurred, and what does it portend?
  • gumby

    A paragraph or two from their site,

    Our present society is in terminal trouble! After nearly 6,000 years of recorded human history, our civilization is beginning to encounter "unsolvable" problems. These problems range from weather disasters to horrifying wars, large and small, with barbarous acts being perpetrated on untold thousands of men, women and children. Our world is now facing seemingly insurmountable ecological disturbances, economic dislocation and terrible ethnic strife.

    What Is the ANSWER?

    Many eminent leaders and politicians have for years realized that only a genuine world government can bring true peace and stability to our planet. But humanity’s puny efforts in this regard have always failed—and will continue to fail. For human beings do not know the way to world peace and prosperity. This should become increasingly evident to all who truly understand.

    Excuse me while I go puke in the toilet......Gumby.........................

  • Honesty

    Roderick Meredith.... My 75 year-old deceived mother thinks this fruitcake walks on water and is just like her other hero, the late Herbert W. Armstrong.

    Funniest thing happened when I started studying with the JW's. My study conductor told me the witnesses and Armstrong's beliefs were exactly opposite. By the time I figured out how close they really are I was already hooked into the Watchtower Lie.

  • gumby

    For those unaware....the "Worldwide Church of God" had a major transformation and went mainstream and has dropped many of it's former beliefs similar to the witnesses. Holidays, the Trinity, the whole maryann......and ginger too.

    Splinter groups are what you now have that retained old doctrine......same as the witnesses have.


  • Terry

    I once spent about 6 months on the CHRISTADELPHIAN Discussion Board and found them to be practically identical to JW's except for the fact they are smarter and more intellecutally honest. Their penchant for accurate scholarship was a pleasure, too.

    If you go there you'll find the entire backlog of my "discussions" with their best minds.


  • Hellrider
    Hellrider they use Jehobas name?

    Or do they believe in the...


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    My Gosh, Gumby, that looks like a page right from the official WTS website! Amazing.

    When I was early in the 'Truth', I onetime asked an elder and his wife an innocent question " What happens if we find a group, no matter how large or small, that believes precisely what we as witnesses believe? Will they already be in the same position we are in - will they survive the end also?"

    The answer as I recall was vague, but essentially that no one else could claim to be Jehovah's special people, no one else had been selected, all others would die if not witnesses. How is that for arrogance?


  • Scully

    Worldwide Church of God (aka Garner Ted Armstrong, et al) has beliefs that mirror the WTS's as well. The only difference is that they do believe in patriotism and serving in the military. Other than that, no Christmas, or birthdays or Easter. They even predicted that 1975 would be the beginning of the New Order. Their magazine, The Plain Truth, always seemed to be very similar in content to WT magazines.

  • KW13

    Tell ya what would be funny is to get one of each talkin stilla. They'd think it was a mirror and wonder......mmm another truth. this cult thing is easy, anyone wanna start one?

  • Leolaia

    I have a cousin who after leaving the JWs became a Christadelphian....apparently he is a very strong believer in this faith, and considers himself very biblically adept. I've wondered what a conversation between the two of us would be like. Might be frustrating a little since we prolly wouldn't share many of the same assumptions....

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