What do you believe in now?

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  • upside/down

    Make sense?


  • FreedomFrog

    Hi and welcome to JWD...

    I became an Eclectic Pagan with a touch or two of Native American. What I believe is very hard to explain because once my true beliefs are expressed, then it's not what I actually believe in because words can't describe it correctly. It's locked inside my head and my heart. Until we can find a way to telepathically "read minds", then it will stay locked there. I still try (human nature I guess) but only to find myself running in circles searching for the "right" words. Does that make sense?

    So in answering your question...I believe in "myself", yes I believe in "god" in the sense of energies, and no I don't attend any churches or groups though I do rituals to connect with my Higher Power...or "energies".

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