Memorial Partaker numbers must stop before Armageddon comes.

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  • gumby
    One by one the sacred dominos fall.

    Mornin Luna

    Yes, the domino's fall and many dubs fall out with all the failures.....but sadly new domino's are set up and the new dubs never see the other domino's that have fallen sadly. .........which is why this forum reminds new dubs of the old domino's that fell.


  • Woodsman

    I don't have the WTS cd rom on this machine so I can't provide any reference but I thought the Chosens ones in Mathew 24 were the annointed and since the tribulation is cut short on account of the chosen ones they must be alive when it is cut short. So I thought that is what the WTS taught.

    Now I can see they are not sure what they teach and say the bible does not say. Hmmm.

  • oldflame

    This is a subject I have never understood very well coming from the dubs. They claim to be of the 144,000 but doesn't the bible clearly say that the 144,000 are of the 12 tribes of Israel ? So do the dubs think they are of the Israelite tribes ? Is it not also true that these 12 tribes are Jewish ? Do the dubs now think that they are Jewish, because Israelite's are Jewish are they not.?

    And then who appoints these 144,000 in the Borg ? Or do they just appoint themselves ? So one mourning someone wakes up and says OH I am one of the remnant ? How ludacris is that. That faith is so stupid it makes me sick to see that so many have fallen for that line of crap including myself. Only I was never baptised and was not in long. So I don't know a lot of the deep stuff believed in the society.

  • gumby

    Oldflame.....and I mean OLDflame, ya old bastard!

    The dubs take part of the scripture literal and part of it their liking of course.

    The scripture as you say speaks of Israelites as the 144,000. The dubs say they(the annointed) are "spiritual Israelites of the heart" and also make up the true seed of Abraham.

    The 144,000 are also ALL men. The dubs say that's symbolic of headship and that there is no gender in heaven anyways. Basically, they take only the number as literal and the rest has a spiritual meaning.....just like a true gnostic does.


  • Leolaia

    Guys, read the Zion's Watch Tower articles from 1881 about what was expected for that year....The logic too was that the elect had to be in heaven before Armageddon begins (a drawn-out process that culminates into 1914).

  • gumby

    As Leolaia mentions.....there have been various time periods believed in by witnesses for the annointed to meet their bridegroom. ( how'd you like ta be a guy and meet yer bridegroom?)

    At one point the "prince's in the earth" articles showed how Jehovah is setting up for the great crowd to ' take over the duties' of the annointed on earth and that likely these "princes" would be needed since it was felt the "sealing" was already complete, and that before armageddon arrived, the annointed would most likely all be in heaven and direction would be needed on earth. They even had pictures of various presidents already in heaven(eg; Rutherford Franz, knorr,etc., in an article I believe entitled....."Rulers Ruling for Justice"....if I remember right.

    This is one area they cannot seem to figure out and take a firm stance on.


  • kid-A

    So one mourning someone wakes up and says OH I am one of the remnant ?

    Yes, thats pretty much how it works. The idea was that the holy spirit somehow "communicated" this fact to them through some mysterious medium. Personally, I have known some nutbars in their 20s and early 30s who claimed to be of the annointed. I mean, in theory, they could just keep this charade going in perpetuity by fudging their numbers (which they clearly already are since it has been ~8000 for about 20 years now) and by counting on younger 'zealots' to keep claiming they are annointed.

    p.s. one of the young 'sisters' who claimed to be of the annointed in her 20s ended up in a mental institution by her early 30s. So, its safe to say that psychosis likely has a large bearing on "hearing the calling"....

  • MissBehave

    Would anyone have access to the number of memorial partakers over the last twenty years or so, to make an actual numbers comparison? It would be interesting to have actual "line graph" data. I have vague memories of that number being just over 3,000 in the early eighties.Of course my memory is a little fuzzy. But I remember watching for the figure each year (was it reported in the KM or am I remembering that wrong, too?) to see how many of them died since I knew as soon as they were all dead that was it....Hello Armageddon.

    Because being paranoid about the end of the world in your formative adolescent years makes for a really fun and exciting childhood.

  • gumby

    So one mourning someone wakes up and says OH I am one of the remnant ?

    Yes, thats pretty much how it works. The idea was that the holy spirit somehow "communicated" this fact to them through some mysterious medium.

    Actually, the word they used in a Watchtower article was...." they have a DOMINANT MENTAL INCLINATION to go to Heaven rather than live on the earth". They say the Great Crowd however desire to live on the earth...( nuthin like speakin for the great crowd eh?)

    They use the scripture in Romans which says gods spirit bears witness with their spirit and they cry out "abba" which means father. To these alone is Jehovah like their daddy and his words in the N.T. are a special letter to them alone. The great crowd are only onlookers who must support them to reap any earthly benefits. Ain't it just dandy?


  • toreador

    Interesting stuff. I always wondered about that as a dub as well


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