Do JW's think that we are committing an "Unforgivable Sin"?

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  • JH

    Posting on XJW boards like this. We call it freedom of expression. But I wonder if the JW's consider this an "unforgivable sin"?

  • confusedjw

    Yes. Searching for it with the goal of committing the Unforgivable Sin. All other sins can be forgiven.

  • ballistic

    Sitting in my chair!

  • JH

    I modified my question a little.... I think it's better this way

  • prophecor

    We're dead meat, rat!!!

  • kls
    I wonder if JW's think that people like us posting on X JW forums are committing the "Unforgivable sin"?

    I would say being an Apostate to a jw is an Unforgiveable sin because they will associate with ,Molesters ,Murderers,etc but an Apostate is to be shunned and hated.

    No wonder i like being an Apostate so much

  • slugga

    I was taught that apostasy was the unforgivable sin, the sin that grieves the spirit.

    However there is an example of in the OT about an apostate king that saw the error of his ways and returned to Jehovah and was forgiven so I don't know what to believe.

  • JH
    We're dead meat

    That makes me rat meat, and kls is monkey meat

    I wonder which is more tender?

  • IronClaw

    If the JW's think this is the unforgivable sin, then they need to dust of their bibles and read the account of King Manasseh. Case Closed!!!

    The Claw

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    I think so, because if I'm not mistaken that would be grieving the holy spirit. By turning our backs on "God's spirit annointed Organization" we would be basically grieving that Spirit.

    So, yes. We have committed the unforgivable sin and will be toasted on Armageddon day.


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