Newbie non-JW wanting to help my young DF'd JW friend.... can you help?

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    Being raised a JW it is most likely she still strongly believes it. Many I grew up with can not shake the guilt many years later even though they are no longer as sure it is true. That is what makes the religion so damaging.

    She will be your friend, love you and do normal things like date, but this does not mean she does not deep down fear what she is doing is wrong, and most likely believes she will be destroyed at Armageddon.

    I would ask her lots of questions out of genuine interest to know what JWs believe. Ask her about the curly subjects, blood, disfellowshipping, who will be saved. Without contradicting her ask deeper and deeper questions until she contradicts herself, or says things that she feels ashamed about, such as that God will shortly have to kill you and her.

    Eventually you will notice when she is ready to discuss more about the JWs. Say you did some research and ask her to verify the information that you have printed out. There is a brief summary of the premise the JW truth is based on at Some of the things she reads will shock her as it is unlikely she knows the true history of the religion if she is still attending meetings.

  • ObservingTexan

    Here's a little update. Tonight at the kitchen table Dee and I had the chance to have a little chat. She started talking about the guy she was dating and how her parents were strict and would not approve. She said she was now out on her own and could do whatever she wanted. We went on to how things conflicted with her religion blah, blah. I have NO DOUBT this girl, who has grown up all her life in the KH is OPEN to the truth.

    We laughed and joked around some. It was a lighthearted conversation. I did ask her a few questions that left her pondering. Here's a couple of examples. Why, if God should be addressed as Jehovah, did Jesus not use that particular name. Why is God never referred to as Jehovah anywhere in the NT. She didn't have an answer. We talked about the fact that she is shunned and I mentioned that we are all sinners. I described what Jesus did with the hooker as the crowd wanted to pick up stones to stone her. What did He say I asked? She looked puzzled as I said.... let him who is without sin cast the first stone. I stated the DF thing and shunning thing you guys practice I understand where you get that, but is that really Christ like. Remember, this was a light hearted conversation. Nothing heavy and deep in the tone. I even told her I wanted to go with her to the KH and stand up and ask a bunch of questions..... I said you know what happens to JW's who ask questions.... she said they get DF! If was actually a fun conversation.

    I then drew a circle on a sheet of paper. I told her this circle represents ALL the knowledge in the world. Out of all this knowledge color in the amount that you personally know. She placed a tiny dot in the circle. I placed a tiny dot next to her and then I said....... is it possible that of all this knowledge that you do not know..... somewhere out there might there be some truth that you have not discovered. She answered by saying YES. I told her jokingly....... don't give me the JW answer......I'll be up front with you... you do the same with me...... she still claimed yes.

    I then asked her this. This is what really got her to think I believe. What is a false prophet? She answered correctly. Someone who predicts a future event that doesn't come true. Did Jesus warn about false prophets? Did Paul warn about false prophets? She agreed yes. I said..... 1975. What happened in 1975? Nothing she said. But didn't the GB say the world was coming to an end? Yes... but nothing happened. No man knows the hour or the day. God never lies...right? Right she said. He the same yesterday, today and tomorrow... He's trustworthy...right? Right she said. But the GB got it wrong....God channel. We closed the conversation there. She knew exactly what the point was. To what extent she believes is yet to be seen. I said before I think this kid at 19 is starving for love. DF'd.... her world as she has known it 19 years is history. I worked on her truck for most of the day yesterday changing the plugs, checking the brakes and more. I changed the battery and with the plugs the whole thing was like 80 bucks. She asked me what she owed me. This is what I said. Battery, plugs something like 80 bucks. Labor.... nada. Zero. I asked her why would I do that? She didn't have a clue. This is what I said. I said....look....the JW's teach JW's - good......nonJW's - bad. Bad association. You know the drill I said. She agreed. I said look...... I know the Truth......1974 in a pizza place I came to know Jesus in a personal way. Even though I don't hit the doors of the local church every Sunday anymore He changed my heart..... my motivation. The NT says.... you shall know them by their fruits. Not everyone who is not a JW is bad.... plain and simple. Well......she looked like a kid in a candy store. She said she didn't believe everyone was bad. And then I said one more thing...... you have a crappy relationship with your parents. I have a daughter who was adopted at birth in 1974. She wants nothing to do with me. She knows who I am. We are in the same boat so to speak. I said..... look....I'm going to kind of adopt you. I am NOT going to be your open checkbook though.... I said laughing....we were both laughing. She liked the idea even to the extent when the new boyfriend showed she commented..... I was her new adopted dad! What a hoot!


  • jwfacts

    nice to hear, sounds like she is very open to seeing the truth about the WTS. I like the circle illustration, i hope you do not mind if i use it sometimes.

  • ObservingTexan
    nice to hear, sounds like she is very open to seeing the truth about the WTS. I like the circle illustration, i hope you do not mind if i use it sometimes.

    Use the circle illustration all you want. I may have to charge you a fee though since you are an Aussie! Just kidding. While I was joking around with Dee I told her I wanted to go with her to the KH next Sunday and raise a little hell......ask some questions. Stir things up a little. She laughed. Inside, I believe she still holds to what they have told her is the "truth". I think, though, she's as open as can be to what the real "Truth" happens to be. Time will tell. As I told her... look, I'm not trying to convince you of anything I just want you to think for yourself.

    Good Day!

  • Legolas

    Speaking of the false prophesies...Here is a link to alot of them and I will bet you she has never heard of most...because newer ones or kids don't know the FULL history...they don't bring it up!

  • jgnat
    I like the circle illustration, too. I hope you'll let me use it sometimes too.

    Building bridges, forming bonds. Sounds very Christian to me. Good job. Let nature take it's course now. I see happy sailing here on out.

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