Princess Diana's murder was arranged

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  • pratt1

    In today's New York Daily News Mohamed Al Fayed, the father of Dodi, who died in that Paris tunnel along with Princes Di, is quoted as saying the the "Nazi" Prince Philip, Prince Charles' father ordered a British secret agent to kill the couple.

    Do you believe there is any truth to this, or is this a greiving father grasping at straws to reconcile his son's death?

  • daystar

    A lot of people believe this. You will probably get a response from Rig Boy or Truth_about_the_Truth, or the likes, in support of this theory.

    But, it's just a theory, and one without good evidence at that.

  • Billygoat

    I've always speculated that there was more to that story than met the eye. But I've always loved conspiracy theories too. I just found it too strange that Prince Charles hated being in the arranged marriage to a woman he didn't love, and when she's conveniently out of the way, he's free to marry the one he's always loved, Camilla.


    Wouldnt surprise me if it is true since the british monarchy has always beem corrupt. I mean the whole Church of England exists because one of them wanted a divorce and the pope said no. Then again most monarchies, govts, and ruling bodies always have degrees of corruption.

  • simplesally

    I wouldn't be surprised if he paid reporters to follow and hound her but not kill her.....I believe that to be an accident. But at this point, if he paid people to do anything, it'd be out in the open unless one of the reporters is now either dead or living on a private island with 70 virgins!

  • MrBee

    I think this story is highly plausable. If the reports of Princess Di and Dodi being engaged and apparently expecting a baby were true, then deffinatly. Imagine the picture, William the King of England with an Arab Muslim half brother. And further... William and Harry die in a freak skiing accident, does the Arab Muslim half brother become king of England and Head of the Church of England?? hmmmm

  • diamondblue1974

    I consider myself to be quite rational and I dont see a conspiracy unless there is a really good reason; I had no real feelings for Princess Diana at all and couldnt really describe myself to be a fan of any of the monarchy to be honest, but when it was announced that she had been in an accident and later died, I smelled a rat somewhere!

    Although there is very little evidence to support the theories surrounding this; I do think there is more to this than meets the eye.

    Gut feeling says so anyway!


  • slugga
    William and Harry die in a freak skiing accident, does the Arab Muslim half brother become king of England and Head of the Church of England?? hmmmm

    the line of succession passes back to Charles Brothers and sister, So next in line would be Prince Andrew assuming he is still alive or his children

  • MrBee

    "Secret" documents released a few years ago, detailed that under the Thatcher government intelligence survices planned for the assisnation of Colnel Gaddafi of Libya. The plans included a ultra bright flashing light to be planted in a tunnel which his chaffeur driven limosine was due to pass through. Obviously this never happened, but it shows the plans were about somewhere.

  • lowden

    Here's another Brit to give you an opinion from nearer to the 'dark rumblings' over here. I largely concur with DB and BEE. But i'm pretty bloody sure that she WAS murdered, BEE has outlined the main reasons. Yeah....a Moslem monarch? That would have been a real posssibility. Also at that time Diana was taking ALL the media spotlight away from the Royal family with her very noble humanitarian work, particularly the 'land mine' stuff in Angola. The Royals treated her like shit!! Charles always loved Camilla and still does. Diana was simply a baby machine. Real sad.



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