So, did you know any Janitors or Landscape people?

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  • free2beme

    LOL!! Okay I know this is a dumb question, but was it just me or did we seem to have a lot of Janitors and landscape people in that religion. I did know a couple of higher paying professions in our congregation, nurses, large business owners and a couple of retail managers. By far though, the majority was janitors and landscape people. Unless you were woman, and then it was medical transcribers and medical billing. Had tons of those and every once in a while you got someone trying to sneak a multi-level marketing deal into the congregation, but they were usually discouraged. What I was wondering though, in your time, did you know any doctors, lawyers, professors, or anything that required a degree beyond four years? I have LDS friends, and as much as I see them as a cult too, they are full of highly educated people with successful and well respected positions. I don't know any Witnesses like this, did you?

  • serendipity

    In 1985 I moved to a congregation in Houston that had a brother with a PHD, in what, I don't remember. People in the cong. gossipped about him saying that even though he was smart by worldly standards, he wasn't smart by Theocratic standards, as evidenced by his comments and lack of reaching out for privileges. I was the only JW female I knew with a 4 year degree until I moved to that cong. Besides me, there were two women with 4 year degrees there, one a nurse and one accountant.

  • serendipity

    oops - dupe

  • Honesty
    What I was wondering though, in your time, did you know any doctors, lawyers, professors, or anything that required a degree beyond four years?


    I do now. Some of my best friends are accountants, school teachers (elementary through college), a dentist, real estate agency owners, attorneys, public office holders, etc. BTW, most of them believe on the Lord Jesus instead of a publishing company that masquerades as a benevolent relious organization.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    HA HA! it's funny you should mention it free, but the grounds keepers for my condo complex is a company run by some elder pioneer that i knew fairly well and is my age, and has several other pioneer dudes working for him. it seems like he is doing alright for himself too, which of course i applaud.

    but i am certainly not a prisoner in my own home. they're all kinda wary of me, lol. such sheep these guys are, and i've turned into such a goat, ha ha! i'll often stand on my front port and lean against the railing and have a smoke and just watch them as they go about their business. they are going to really love it when my 6'7" lesbian, punk rocker, room mate moves in, HA HA!! - this is a good time, not being afraid of elders and pioneers as an ex-wit. anyways, i pay their wages with the condo fees.


  • crazyblondeb

    Our congregation in MO had several cleaning/landscape businesses for such a small town. My stepdad started one, which was bought by another brother when he moved. It was a big deal to my stepdad when I finally become a nurse. (Keep in mind I was DF'd when I did this.) I'd get emails from people telling me how he brags about me being an ER nurse. Sounds kinda two-faced to me!


  • cognizant dissident
    cognizant dissident

    My brother in law-owned a really big landscape company. He employed a lot of witnesses. He had a lot of government contracts for highways and commercial stuff. Made a lot of money in it.

    And there are quite a few brother's and sister's here with cleaning businesses, homes and commercial. They employ a lot of pioneers. One brother in our hall really stood out though, because he was absolutely brilliantly intelligent. He gave the funniest, most interesting talks, people had tears running down their faces from laughing so hard, he was so funny. His wife was a chartered accountant, and I'm sure he could have been anything he wanted, he was so smart, but he was a janitor. Go figure. He was very kind and gentle too. I think he suffered from depression and had bad nerves too. That could explain why he needed a low stress job.

    We also had two doctors, in our area, one in our hall. Their entire practices were almost exclusively witnesses. One lost his license for having an affair with a patient. The other retired and testified for the society in blood transfusion lawsuits. So yeah, there really is all kinds of people in the org.


  • DigitalFokus

    We had a Corp Exec for Hormel in our cong.

  • kristyann

    I'm surprised that there were a lot of medical transcriptionists and medical billing people in the JW congregations... wouldn't that involve billing insurance companies for blood transfusions???

    Neither my boyfriend nor I know ANY JWs with even a 4 year degree. This is from 3 different congregations. We know of a couple with certificates from community colleges. Most of the women either worked as cashiers in drugstores or grocery stores or didn't work at all. Most of the man did some kind of physical labor... they worked on farms or they were construction workers. Actually, come to think of it, construction was the most popular job for JW men... anyone else know a lot of JW construction workers?

  • M.J.

    It seems like the big thing I've seen is dubs that own their own housecleaning service.

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