Why the GB are never self critical?

by greendawn 12 Replies latest social humour

  • M.J.
    Oh I know they don't say they are infallible

    They perpetuate the concept that what they say TODAY is infallible, even though on the other hand they'll defend their past record by denying it.

  • Buster

    They don't ever have to admit they are wrong. They are god's sprit-directed organization. Even if what they say may technically be incorrect at times (okay, usually), they are only saying what god told them to say.

    Yup, even when they are wrong, they are right. (the beauty of the cult mindset)

  • Boxed elder bugs
    Boxed elder bugs

    For them there is no such thing as mistakes. There is only 'brighter light.' They do your thinking for you, and their opinions are your opinions. (If your care to test this theory try going to a Kingdom Hall and giving your own opinion on who Babylon the Great is...and then check your stop watch to see how fast the elders come after you.) Reminds me of the old sci fi t.v. show the outer limits- "Don't touch that dial, we control your television screen..."

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