Why the GB are never self critical?

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  • greendawn

    Those pussyfooting with the devious nature of the GB of the JWs should notice some strange things in their behaviour. They are not known to (1)have ever carried out an act of self evaluation and self criticism and accept that they were wrong in some of their actions, or (2) to accept any criticisms from JW members let alone reply to them with rational arguments. That is a most unchristian attitude.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Easy. How can they get people to follow such radical rules if they admit they change and are wrong?

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    I think that is a GREAT question!

    Maybe the feel that it is not their place to question Jehovah's force-feeding of all these whack ideas to them, and that they are only submitting to the will of their husbandly owner, the imaginary and invisible King Jesus.

  • ballistic

    What was the bit in Crisis of Concience where the guy writing the Aid book was told he could ignore the previous publications and work from scratch? Can someone remind me what happened?

  • M.J.

    Look at the bible. Is the OT "organization" anywhere near as "praiseworthy" and "above reproach" as the WTS?

  • hybridous

    After years of ridiculing the Catholics for the same thing, these old codgers have realised the benefits of their own Middle Age type papacy.

    The old battle-cry is the same, 'Submit to our rule, or die' except this time around they don't have the political clout to make that happen. I bet they rue the day they turned their backs on that power.

    Why aren't they self-critical? Well, any amount of introspection (where is he, anyways?) requires the acceptance of the possibility that the self may be found in error and in need of correction. In other words, where the rubber meets the road, some degree of humility is required. Since that is anathema to these dictators, there is no real prospect of self-examination or subsequent improvement. And that simple fact alone should indicate to any believer in Jesus, that these men are not led by Him.

  • Balsam

    Haven't you ever noticed that people in powerful positions never apologize. They make extreme efforts to hide their screw ups or bury them. They don't want to be seen as fallible, because then people would have grounds for questioning their every move. The Governing Body is exactly the same as any other group of men who have power over a group of people and call the shots.

  • yaddayadda

    Interesting topic. I guess the short reason is that since they are God's 'sole channel' through which all correct scriptural interpretation is beamed down to planet earth then they must think why on earth should they apologise when they have only been uttering the spiritual gamma-rays of edification and new light that Jehovah has shone into their craniums in the first place. In their mind, for the 'channel' to admit it was wrong and apologise would be like Jehovah himself apologising for a mistake.

  • greendawn

    Many interesting points, I always thought that the authoritarianism demons that came out of the Roman Catholic Church ended up in the WTS because they seem to be doing their best to catch up with the Middle Ages to the extend that the law allows them to, they can't physically torture and kill dissenters but they do their best to afflict them psychologically.

    As for humility when other ppl prove to them that they are wrong they should accept it and shut their mouths instead of trying to harass and degrade them.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Greendawn..Great ideas... I think the GB like the staunch secrecy so they can keep up the infallibility concept going. That's why they never debate out things with anybody. They want to keep the pretense going, that they have God's spirit in every decision and idea they come up with. Oh I know they don't say they are infallible but that's why they never admit or apoligize for there errors, because they want us to THINK they are and have complete obedience to them. To debate would mean, to maybe have to admit an error in the end of the debate.

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