Promotional One-Liners for "Crisis of Conscience"

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  • Clam

    I've just re-read C-o-C, a book which never ceases to amaze me. On the book's jacket there are the inevitable short reviews on the back. Not sure what the exact name for them is but you get them on most books and they often resort to hyperbole, eg " A rip roaring, gut busting, bodice ripping, roller coaster of a novel"

    If it was your responsibility to write one line or one sentence which was printed on the back of C-o-C, to promote the book and raise interest, what would it be?

  • stillajwexelder

    An extremely balanced Insight into one of the worlds High Control religions

  • Beta Male
    Beta Male

    so good it hurts

  • littlerockguy

    The most accurate, balance and truthful inside view of the WTBS in print.

    That the "Alcoholic's Anonymous book" for exiting Jehovah's Witnesses.


    New From Commentary Press

    Comes a shocking story of


    Death! &

    Evil beyond Imagination!

    Ray Franz’s latest expose

    Goes deep

    Into the underbelly

    Of one of the most

    Corrupt worldwide empires!

    The “BrotherHood” of the WTBS

    “A frightfully good read” –Simon

    “It grabs you where it hurts” – Danny Hazzard


  • sixsixsixtynine

    "Just as shocking as A Million Little Pieces, except it's actually all true!"

  • crazyblondeb

    I think it's our "Truth book"!!! I agree it's like the "big book" to those in AA! Anyway we describe it, it's a lifeline to alot of people.


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    The gut wrenching true story of one man facing down a religion that had destroyed and perverted faith for millions.

    Raymond Franz, a third generation Jehovah's witness, takes on the powers at the top of his religion. This is a compelling story of survival within the ranks of high control cult, and the price one man had to pay to live up to his conscience.

  • JAVA

    "A well written and researched book about Jehovah's Witnesses, written by a former member of their Governing Body. The author left their world headquaters and has been shunned because he questioned the 1914 date the religion uses as a foundation belief. The book is honest, factual, and written without malice--a must read for anyone wanting to know the inside workings of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society."

  • Mary

    The truth about 'the Truth'.

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