If the society says jump...................you say

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  • blondie

    I will say this, the elders have to tread lightly. In the circuit around here several long-time elders have been deleted because they didn't play ball according to the CO-WTS rules.

    Mostly, the elders are agreeable and nod their head then do what they want after the CO goes to the next congo.


  • kid-A

    I still think the vast majority of dubs would still gladly say "how high".....

  • peggy

    Kid-A---I don't think the vast majority will jump anymore! There is a new division. We see it in meeting attendence and more subtle ways. There used to be agreement on everything. Ask 10 JW's their opinion on college and you no longer get the same answer. Ask them about blood, blood fractions. I see a shift, movement. It is still slight. None the less, it is movement.

  • greendawn

    It will be good if the dubs manage to begin to think critically and not just lap up everything the FDS tells them. Perhaps soon they will become ungovernable.

  • ColdRedRain

    If they ever tell me jump, I won't say "How high". You don't say "How high" while applying jump kicks in tae kwon do, you say "Kiyap"

  • jojochan
    He said that years ago when the society said "jump" the brothers would respond "how high?

    Now when the society says "jump" the brothers ask "why"?

    This tells me that the walls of this spiritual paradise are cracking and that many are not willing to put up with all the crap that jw's of the past did.

    Because they are slowly starting to THINK.

    What a coincidence now that they are getting more w.t articles about staying true to the organization, and not to straddle the fence. Also to lay more guilt trips on the collective in actually growing a brain. Just stumbling upon those articles makes me nauseous...spiritual paradise? Look out for the serpents in those trees, mate.


  • daystar

    Given a critical amount of externally controlled restraint, humans will begin to rebel, first in small ways, but eventually in larger and more profound ways. This occurs in secular governments as well as religions. In fact, it will occur in any form of social structure, given enough time.

    In governments, this period typically begins after a period called the Golden Age, when a stringent bureaucracy begins to take control. Red tape piles upon red tape. Oppression begins to weigh heavily upon the human soul. People begin to speak to one another in hushed tones "Things must change. We can live this way."

    "This system can't last much longer..." pleads the Witness nearing the twilight of their days. The rebellion begins in small ways, changes in attitudes then on to larger act of defiance.

    The only way they will survive is by a complete restructuring. In the process of which they will be lucky to keep half of their flock. They'll be really lucky if the don't end up at the business end of a mountain slide of lawsuits.

  • FairMind

    The Society has written so much conflicting information in past years that no one knows exactly what to do. One example is to say college is a conscience matter and then presents a college education as negative in WT articles. I think the WTS is pulling itself apart with the ultimate result being continued loss of membership.

  • Brigid

    <<Now when the society says "jump" the brothers ask "why"? >>

    Hmmm. He mentions this as if it is a negative thing. However, one thing I learned in my sojourns with witnesses was that to question everything about one's religion was good--actually necessary for a chance at everlasting life....oh wait, I forgot, that was what we encouraged people of OTHER religions to do. Once you got into the organization, all questions were off limits.

    Funny thing, though in Acts 17:11 (you know, from the bible, the book they purport to espouse and live by) the Boreans were given kudos for examining what Paul was telling them and cross referencing it to the scriptures. They were not discouraged from doing so--they were encouraged and commended for it.

    Why is open, honest questioning so frightening to this organization? I feel that as humanity evolves, religions like these will have to open themselves to the remotest possibility that they may not have a monopoly on truth or they may just find themselves dying out. The human spirit learns best through questioning.


  • jojochan

    Yes, just look at the numbers here in the U.S alone. Even though you have 6.5 million borg members, you still don't have an increase here in the U.S.

    interesting, but still, they always will put a spin on that figure won't they?


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