Ever Hear of the Kolbrin Bible?

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  • Abaddon

    What gets me is skyman just doesnt get it.

    I do not claim anything.
    No? But you IMPLY lots, and then one someone points out the material you are drawing those implications from is fake, you get defensive. If you want people to go "Oooo skyman, what a wonderful point'', then try using decent reliable material. You also totally fail to see the point. Unless you know the book is genuine, you may as well read the Hobbit and post what you have found and think.
    I could do the same as you and put all sorts of quotes down then comment on the quotes, making myself look like an expert on the subject like you do, on so many threads here on JWD. I am sure the 15 minutes of research you did using Google makes you an expert with all your wisdom. How could I think other wise? Anyone that says anything different has to be a fool because you so are so knowledgeable on everything. I am just a mere human in your shadow.
    This turns you from a seemingly gullible person into an apparently unpleasent, envious person. There's not one word out of place in what she wrote. I know I can be blunt and abrasive and accept responses in the same spirit as being fair. But the hate you express in a few lines to someone who pleasently and knowledgably showed this fetid little scrap you're currently obsessing over is a fake shows you basically will turn on anyone who disagrees with you, no matter how they do it. Pat yourself on the back skyman, you did that all by yourself, well done.
  • skyman

    Made the board alittle more fun.

  • wombat


    What an incredible response....

    No. Do not just give a brief opinion in the future. You are not rebutting the likes of Skyman - he doesn't matter - you are educating us.

    This site is so good.


  • Abaddon


    Very good point

    I know, regretfully, that hooberus is as likely to say "Bugger me! Darwin was right all along" as he is to say "Hail Satan!". The fact he'd probably see them as the same is just funny... but I am sure my enthusiasm for evo-bio is more than matched by Leolaia's enthusiasm for textual research.

    Just as I know people who don't neccesarily comment on a thread appreciate posts by SNG, tetra, Alan F, funky et. al. on evo-bio ('cause I've received comments to that end), so too I'm sure Leolaia's scholarship is appreciated by many who never comment on the threads.

    skyman's neither here or there; hell, with a snide attitude like that it really doesn't make much difference whether he IS here or there...

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