Ever Hear of the Kolbrin Bible?

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  • skyman

    Never heard of it until today. This is very interesting in its pages to talks about the great Flood in which many people survived. Also talks about how the great plagues of Egypt were caused not by GOD but was caused by a comet or heavenly body called the Destroyer that is seen from earth as a Red heavenly body. The Kolbrin Bible gives the time of the destroys return and guess what it due to reapear in 2012.

    Remember the mayans say a Red comet is coming in Dec. 2012 that signifies the end of this great age of man.

    It has been said that Nikola Tesla acquired his knowledge of electricity from this book. In the past, only an elite few have had access to this book. The current caretakers of this ancient knowledge believe, these are the days of decision, when the Great Destroyer is coming to wreck havoc to the earth.

    I am going to buy the Book and read it.

  • LittleToe

    I'd never heard of it before, by that name, either.


  • skyman

    I need to post a waring about the Kolbrin Bible

    WARNING! Christians who believe that the current versions of the Bible, should not read this Bible. If you have an open mind I have found in the last two hours of reading about this Bible it might answer all my lingering questions that has had held me captive for years ex the Flood accounts, the exudus, the real Jesus and his English roots. I see with today's understanding of the heavens and modern science this Bible is probably accurate and will be able to withstand scrutiny.

  • Satanus

    Sounds like the fairytale version.


  • Leolaia

    Almost certainly a 20th-century pseudegraphon, comparable to the Urantia Book, the Aquarian Gospel, and other modern works of purportedly "ancient" revelation.

  • Abaddon

    Oh sweet baby Jesus nailed to a cross...!

    Astronomy is a science. Show me astronomical evidence for a red comet that's going to destroy the Earth 1n 2012.

    If you can't, I can occupy the rest of your entire life showing you books which give dates for the world ending that failed to come true.


    Bugger all, that's what.

    skyman, 'open minded' ceases to be useful when the top of your head falls off. Come back with some real evidence.

  • skyman

    You jumped to a conclusion because your brain is stuck in negativity land putting down a person you don't even know. I do not believe for a second that the earth is going to end in 2012. It has not ended yet because of some Asteroid the collection of books that compile the Kolbrin says this asteroid comes around every 3800 years and if the book is correct the Earth sure looks fine to me, so if it is right we have nothing to sorry about.

    As regards a reading of the Kolbrin Bible I will read it. I think it is interesting how closely the Kolbrin Bible mimics the Mayan, how could you not be curious? How with an ocean apart could two worlds be so close with their legends and future prophecies? Also of interest is the different account of the legend of the flood. If you have ever looked at my previous posts you would know that I do not believe the flood ever happened, only a damn fool could believe that. Recently their has been proof found in Egypt that shows the Exodus is true. What I want to read is what the Kolbrin Bible has to say about what caused the plagues because the Kolbrin it says the comet caused the plagues not GOD.

  • stillajwexelder

    It has been said that Nikola Tesla acquired his knowledge of electricity from this book.

    I thought he got a lot of it from Michael Faraday

  • Legolas

    I'd never heard of it before, by that name, either.


    Littletoe or Skyman....Is that the bible or a book about it?

    I have never heard of it either!

    Do you know anything about it...when it was written or by who?

  • anewme

    Well Skyman, I find it very interesting.

    Please keep us posted on your findings.

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