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  • GoingGoingGone

    I have it, too.... Tanning beds definately help. I remember once in particular, I was feeling so down, and went to the gym... worked out... and hit the tanning bed afterwords. On my way home in the rainy, dreary, dark weather, I felt sooooo much better, it was almost like I was a different person!

    Hope you find something that works for you!


  • collegegirl21

    Well I think its because this is when the sun is not out as much and this is just that time of the year. Its around Valentine's Day, the holidays are over and its just the bleh time... once the end of march comes you'll feel much better! :) Hopefully I will too.

  • FreedomFrog
    so why does SAD seem to peak in February?

    It might be that you "sense" spring but it's not really here...YET. The flower beds are starting to wake up, the birds that migrate are starting to be seen and so you might be getting the "feeling" of spring but not with the warmth.

    I fight SAD "symptom like feelings" (I've never been diagnosed) for as long as I can remember. My mom on the other hand has been diagnosed and she uses the light therapy and it's been working. My "light" therapy is, when the sun is out, like today, I'll pull a chair close to the most brightest window. I fortunately have a sliding glass door where the sun shines directly in. And I just soak up the sun. I feel soooo much better after that. Can you do this?

    Ever wonder why bird migrate and bears hibernate? They may be on the right idea... Maybe I'll join them next winter...smart critters

  • rebel8

    There is an awesome book about SAD called The Hibernation Response. It's out of print but used copies are under 2 bucks. It helps explain why you feel the way you do and gives some pretty good tips--foods, etc.

  • DanTheMan

    February tends to be a little better for me than January, because the hours of daylight finally start getting to the point where I'm not driving home at 5:00 and it's dark already. Today was especially nice because the skies were clear and sunny. But January-March around here usually means day after day of thick gray cloud cover :(

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