Am I only encouraging JWs?

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  • kristyann

    When I go to this one store, I usually stop into the laundromat next door to it about once a week and pull out all of the Awakes and Watchtowers. There used to usually be about 3 or 4 per week. Now, it seems that they are putting more and more in there. The other day I went in there and there were seriously about 30 of them there. Is it because I am pulling them out? Should I stop disposing of them because it will only cause them to leave more? I don't really think so, because I can always just throw them all out. But I am wondering... I thought I was doing a good thing by disposing of this garbage, but will it really backfire on me and motivate them to leave even more (in that establishment and all over the place?) Do you think that they are leaving more because they think an INTERESTED PERSON is taking them, or do you think they are leaving more because they know someone is just throwing them out?

    What do you all do when you find this trash sitting around in doctor's offices, laundry places, etc? Do you throw it out? Does that cause them to only want to leave more? Do you leave any kind of literature exposing the JWs in its place? Should I do something like that? Should I print out copies of anti-Watchtower literature and leave it there? I'm sorry, this probably sounds like a strange question, but what do you guys do? What do you think I should do? Are they putting more in because someone keeps taking them out or do they actually think someone is interested or what?

  • jstalin

    I'd keep throwing them away. If they leave more, then all the better. That's what we call "bleeding the beast."

  • jt stumbler
    jt stumbler

    Sounds like you are now on a magazine route.

  • Finally-Free

    The more literature they leave the better! It's more that you can throw out, and prevent it from ending up in the hands of some poor bastard. You are performing a community service!


  • ferret

    Maybe you will break them financially seeing they're not getting paid for them.

  • GoingGoingGone

    Can you throw them in the garbage at the laundromat? So that they are laying there visible, but in the trash? Maybe then the next JWs who come in will see them there, and realize that no one is reading the mags, but dumping them....


  • misspeaches

    KristyAnn could you print out some sticky labels perhaps with this website, silent lambs website etc and stick it on the front.

    That way if anyone picks the mags up they may refer to the websites and the JW's leaving them there would realise that there is an Apostate in the area and stop leaving them? Maybe?

  • poppers

    Why don't you put stickers on them with the JWD website.

  • TooOpinionated

    Add "Warning": Cult Material" to the labels.

  • poppers

    misspeaches beat me to the punch.

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