I Don't Watch Television!!!!!

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  • MegaDude

    I rarely watch television because the quality, compared to films, sucks.

    I really like HBO's original series:

    The Sopranos



    Sex & The City

    These are by far the best TV series I have ever seen. You don't need TV to see them. You can't rent them on DVD.

  • Dimples

    I have to watch:



    Desperate Housewives


    Ghost Whisperer

    American Idol

    Thank goodness for TiVo


  • whyamihere

    I could not live with out ER....I have been watching it for 12 years!


  • serendipity

    I watch very little TV either, not even on a weekly basis. I ocasionally catch episodes of "My Name is Earl", "Boston Legal", "Daily Show with Jon Stewart", "Masterpiece Theater", "House", "Gilmore Girls".

  • kid-A

    I pay for cable but I only really like the specialty channels like HBO, showcase, etc. Lately I am hooked on "six feet under" and "dead like me" ha ha.

    Prof....why do you center your text on the page? It hurts my eyeballs to read what you write man!!! LOL

  • jojochan

    I have to admit I 'm a sucker for the trauma series, and lost, law and order special victims unit.Also the vh1's I love the 70's, 80's,ect.

    Plus Rollergirls

    other than that I don't really indulge in the idiot box that much. I live with drama, I sleep with drama...

    feel me?


  • jojochan

    How could I forget about ER? It's funny when I watch that show too, I would understand the medical terminology that they would use.

    That would piss my ex wife off without fail.


  • SixofNine

    But, but, you'll miss great shows like this:

  • Leolaia

    I usually watch CBS stuff....the three CSIs, NCIS, Numb3rs, Without a Trace, Survivor. Other than that, I watch 24 on Fox and Boston Legal on ABC.

  • Midget-Sasquatch

    I don't have the cash to pay for personal cable or satellite , but I sure as hell bought myself an amplified antenna. Although as of late I watch much less TV. I still enjoy watching these every so often:

    • Corner Gas
    • Lost
    • reruns of My Wife and Kids
    • CSI:NY (Gary Sinise grew on me)
    • 24 (me and my sib have started a game to see which of us can guess the "hour" in which Jack will: 1) disobey a CTU directive 2) have an order out for his arrest and 3) get very close to the target only for the trail to go cold
    • episodes of BattleStar Galactica taped for me by my second cousin (so I'm always half a season behind)
    • finally catching up on some Portuguese (Italian dubbed) telenovellas taped a while back, one being Terra Nostra ------------------ you see it being foreign makes it so much better than General Hospital (spoiler: Jax admitted to Courtney that Nicholas is really the father after all - not that I really follow that show )

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