I Don't Watch Television!!!!!

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  • prophecor

    I'm too cheap to pay for cable. There's really not a lot of stuff to choose from that's worth watching for the price. Free TV sucks the most, reality shows and other mindless garbage that keep making its way to market.

    Whatcha' Lookin' At?

  • jstalin

    Good! TV is the great destroyer of the brain. I read once that you burn fewer calories watching TV than sitting and doing nothing!

  • Billygoat


    If I didn't have a husband, our home wouldn't have a TV either. I love it! There are some shows I really have become addicted to: Lost, Medium, Law and Order, Futurama, Dog the Bounty Hunter (yes, please don't laugh)...aghs...the list could go on. But I know what a time waster that damn electronic is and I wish we didn't even have it. The only reason I can say I NEED to watch it is for the news. And I can limit myself to just once a day without an issue. The other stuff? Once I plop down, I'm usually there for the night. I'm trying to read more lately and get myself involved in community issues more. Sad isn't it?

    Although, sitting in front of this computer doesn't help me much either.


  • M.J.

    I got this little theory that TV is an ally of religions like the WTS, more than it is an enemy. My reasoning is that they need to keep you occupied with mindless activities so you won't have time to go TOO deep in your research or questionings. Of course that's a little more challenging to keep tabs on with a large group, where adherents aren't all locked up in a commune or something.

    So in JW life, beyond the indoc literature, meeting attendence, watchtower reading and official activities, what usually fills in the gaps? Mindless television watching!

  • greendawn

    I don't agree with you, there are plenty of interesting things to watch on TV, I go for educational documentaries wildlife, history, science, real life stories, culture, for music video clips, for good films.

    Of course we don't have to get addicted to it and become couch potatoes.

  • luna2

    I got rid of my standard cable package more than a year ago...too much money a bunch of channels with too many commericals on all of them. It made me mad. Half the time I'd sit there, remote in hand, just flipping from one station to another trying to find something I really wanted to watch. Now I've just got their most minimal package...Basic or something. It's okay. I don't turn the television on much any more...sometimes days will go by. I did watch one program Friday night and I may have turned the thing on once over the weekend.

  • daystar

    As long as I get to see Lost, Invasion, The Office (both), My Name is Earl, and Boston Legal every week, I can lose the rest... uh, yeah...

    I have gone for periods of time with no television at all. It never did bother me as I've never been much of a TV baby. In fact, Lost is the only television show I have ever been so addicted to that I couldn't bear to miss even one episode. I am so ashamed!

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I don't have a television - the last thing I watched was the last Summer olympics. I did it mainly because I wasn't giving myself enough time to study for my degree.

    It's amazing how much time it frees up. Problem now is, I got a laptop pc so I spend all the time I saved on here instead!!

    Note for any tv licensing employees who may be reading - I really do not have a tv so please stop sending me letters to ask if I changed my mind!

  • G Money
    G Money

    You are smart, I have no tv service either. Internet is bad enough. I do miss seeing a few shows like Rebelde, X Files, Family Guy, CSI and South Park but I do watch tv when travelling so it makes it more of a treat.

  • JH

    I hardly watch TV anymore, since I have the internet.

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