Where is true religion?

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  • upside/down

    None and Yes.

    u/d(of the life's a journey not a destination class)

  • M.J.

    Don't look for the "true" religion. Look to understand the person of Christ. If you find others who can help in that end, without having to become involved in a 12-step program, or magnifying of themselves as the officially liscensed spokesmen of the divine creator, then that's great.

  • JamesThomas


    Can anyone tell me of a religious organization that preaches truth? Or are all organizations full of lies and man made beliefs?

    You wisely answered your own question here, didn't you snarf. Coming to the conclusion that religious beliefs and their tiny gods separate do not contain the real and substantial truth we seek, is a significant step...and often a painful one. Painful because we are still haunted by a desire for truth, yet the only avenue (beliefs) that we are aware of is now realized to be a dead end. Many can become bitter at being tricked and deceived. I did. It may help to understand that "truth", is synonymous with what is real and actual; and clearly see that beliefs are only abstract thoughts that are not at all the reality and actuality we seek. Perhaps, the most important lesson beliefs can offer us is that they are barren. So now what? Here the soul sits, broken, naked and alone.....seemingly. What indisputable truth do we have available right here and now that we can investigate further into? Is it our thoughts? Is a thought of a tree, a real tree? The only thing the mind can offer up in this search is interpretations of reality; not reality itself. In fact, everything we believe about ourselves, others and universe, is simplified interpretation only -- extremely practical and helpful at times, but not the Truth we seek. So the mind -- which is great for everyday things -- is going to be of little use here. So what tool or probe do we use? What channel do we travel to find the significant reality and sustenance we seek? When the mind is still, when all beliefs are quiescent, what remains? What pool of indisputable living truth does the entire experience of self and existence unfold within? What is the most close and intimate reality and actuality of our being? How deep does it go? and what treasures are hidden here? Right here, right now, who/what, are we, really? j

  • upside/down

    JT- keep up the good work.


  • snarf

    Thank you all for your input. I truly believe there is a God, but with so much hypocrasy and manipulation with religous leaders and organizations it seems impossible to learn the things necessary to have hope for our lives and the life after. It almost seems hopeless to even try and go to a church, synagogue, or other place of worship, due to the fact you would waste more time weeding through the crap than actually getting answers. So many wonderful and intelligent people on this site. Thank you all for your input.( Sorry, said that already.)

  • Wild_Thing

    "True Religion" is an oxymoron.

  • Qcmbr

    I'd suggest looking within - I think truth can be found if we contemplate.

  • Think


    I agree with you, there is no point in digging in garbage dump to find a few good things.

    There is no point in fishing in sevage reservoir for clean water. You believe in God.

    And that is EVERYTHING, because God is TRUTH. To drink cristal clear water, I go to God, he is the source of Truth. Religious leaders commited the sin of mixing the truth with lies, for their profit and benefit. Just open any yellow book, how many "Churches" you find there ? Endless lines, after, lines, after lines. And the funny thing is, the listing NEVER ends, because NEW churches pop up EVERYDAY !

    Why is that ? This is Satan way to confuse, to DUMP on poor people so much WORTHLESS "revelations" about God, that many loose faith in the process of sifting thru all this GARBAGE.

    Some people call this process the rat race.


  • rimbaudbunuel

    I think mystery pervades everything. Till we are born and till we die cemeting absolute truths beyond any shadow of doubt seems somehow out of grasp. And these people who claim to obtain enlightenment on earth don't seem to be able to express it in ways we can understand but act as these supposed guides. I think that if you were able to completely figure out the mysteries of life maybe you can't fully be able to share it. hahaha. I dont know though, I believe all humans live with mystery if they are honest with themselves. From my experience. But although there is something scary in the unknown and the mysterious nature of being alive there is something beautiful about it and exciting. I think Jehovah's Witnesses by claiming to have ultimate and absolute truths based on empirical evidence and leaps of faith miss out on that beautiful mystery of being alive. And they feed us guilt and fear of being alive and a thinking person will begin to question their dogma because any form of dogma has holes. Anyway thats just my two cents. Jonathan

  • lostlantern

    I wish I knew, it would be nice to know that the building on the corner that actually advertised "truth" had the truth. How great would that be, my heart even aches for it.

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