Where is true religion?

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  • snarf

    Can anyone tell me of a religious organization that preaches truth? Or are all organizations full of lies and man made beliefs?

  • slugga

    Loads of people will tell you they have the truth but I strongly doubt anyone has it any longer.

  • snarf

    so i have noticed. when i left the witnesses i still wanted to learn, but i have learned through my quest for knowledge that everyone is soooo different on the beliefs and even which interpretation of the bible they use.

  • Legolas

    Snarf...Did you ever research the bible itself?

    It is too full of inaccuracies for me to believe in it any longer!

  • Think


    Welcome to the Forum, and wish you best on the quest for the TRUTH. Can you find the word RELIGION in the Bible ?

    In search for the Truth, you have to use the scientific method. Do you believe in gravity ?

    I hope so. Gravity law is a True fact. On the contrary, Religion is not a science. People INVENTED some form of worship, to make profit. ( You may consider JW Occult as a lifetime membership in this club, you MUST buy their books and mags, you MUST suffer in 5 times a week brainwashing sessions, and you MUST peddle the UtopiaTower to others amway style ). Is this form of worship prescribed by Jesus ? NO . This System of Religion was invented by Ru$$ell to make profit. He was a smart salesman, and he know, that you can't make money just by preaching Good News. You have to make and sell product, like mags, books, conventions tickets, dramas, audio, video, cd, amway style to make money of religion. The EmpireTower is run as a business, and many other religions too.

    Is there a true religion ? Never saw one yet. To find the truth, you have to search like for gold. You get a load of rocks and dirt, and you have to sift this thru, and you have to know what you are looking for. You have to know the PROPERTY of gold, to be able to recognize, when you find a piece of gold.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I personaly doubt the existence of 'pure truth' in religion.

    Just two years back I thought I knew where it was - now I know it was not there. I had invested most of my life 'knowing' the 'truth' only to find I knew nothing of the sort.

    Spirituality is a different matter - why does God need one group to hold the cards to 'life'. I doubt that.


  • hibiscusfire

    Hi ever heard about that old time religion? Well think about it for a moment.


  • poppers

    "Hi ever heard about that old time religion? Well think about it for a moment."
    So? What's that got to do with whether it's "true" or not? Just because something is "old" doesn't mean it's true.
    All religion is based on some sort of belief, and BELIEF is not truth itself. No belief can touch whatever "truth" is.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    Hi Slugga, I'm 52 years old...and no, I haven't seen any true religion..but a little truth in almost all of it...

  • joelbear

    i have researched most religious beliefs to some extent.

    my opinion is that truth runs as a thread throught human thinking and is not found in one place.

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